Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


9. Memory

*Calums POV*

"Is she okay?" I run up to the doctor he clears his throat. "You're very lucky Mr. Hood. They did not hit anything that is life threatening so we were able to fix her neck.. She did however lose a lot of blood.. Right now she is out and has a lot of sedatives. She won't be waking up anytime soon. I don't think you guys should visit her just yet..." He clears his throat again. "She is very week and the germs may.." I look down and shake my head. "Uh yeah.. Yeah." He puts his hand on my shoulder. "She will be okay." I half smile. I turn around to face Luke. "Come on mate.. Lets just go eat.. You can take a nap." I feel anger boiling. How could he expect me to leave? I push it down though. I know he's just wanting to make sure I'm okay.

*Michaels POV*

I lay down beside her cuddling her closer to me. "You can wake up now.." I whisper in her ear. I know I need to be strong for her but its hard.. Its so hard. I sigh and kiss her cheek. I breathe in deep before getting the courage to get up. I pull my phone out. "Alright. I'm ready." I put my phone back in my pocket and head to the stairs... We get our food and head back to the hotel. "I'm so tired.." Luke groans. Everybody nods in agreement. I sigh. I feel like I shouldn't have left the hospital.. I know it sounds weird but I feel like I shouldn't leave like she left me... We have to finish our video then its back on the road.. I can't just leave her like that. I look over to Ashton. "Wanna play fifa?" He groans. "Do we have to?" I roll my eyes. "You're a loser." I get up and walk over to the computer pulling my phone out. "Who wants to watch my play games?" Almost instantly so many answers come in. I smile and get up on my game then the video.

*Ashtons POV*

Calum ends up going to his room so I'm just left with a grumpy tired Luke and Michael.. But Michael is playing games. I stand up and turn to head to my room. "I'm going to bed." I get a groan from Michael and a "Yeah yeah." From Luke. I look back to make sure nobody is paying attention and I walk out of the room. I shrug my jacket on and out my hood up. I can't afford to be caught. I keep my head down and walk fast. I get down the stairs and see Brad. "Hey Brad.. I'm uh.. I'm" He roll his eyes. "Take the keys and be back soon I won't tell them." I nod and walk quickly to the car. When I get to the hospital I rush straight to Ariels room. I walk in and step close to her. "Hey love." I smile even though she doesn't know I'm here. I walk over to her and place my hand on hers. "I uh. I've missed you a lot Ariel.. I uh... I have to tell you this... I know you won't know.. I have to get it out to you... I.. I love you Ariel.. I love you more than the air I breathe.. I know Michael loves you but.. I can't hold back the feelings anymore. I can treat you right.. I promise.. Just wake up." I kiss her hand. "Uh sir.." I turn to the nurse. "Visiting hours are over.. I know you just got here and you're more than welcome to stay but.. not in here." I nod. "I'm sorry." She smiles. "Oh its okay. You're Ashton right?" I nod smiling back. "Well, have a good night." I nod smiling again and then walking out.

*Michaels POV*

I roll over stretching. I scratch the back of my head and check the time. "Woah. 11 am its a new record." I stand up stretching again. I walk out of my room ready to ger ready and see Ariel. When I'm finally ready. I eat and get my jacket on. I walk back out of my room seeing that everybody is still asleep. I sigh and turn walking out the door. When I get to the hospital I decide to go see about Kenzie first. I know it would be a nice gesture. After I talk to the nurse and she tells me that Kenzie is doing good I practically run up the stairs. I walk into Ariels room not looking at her and take my jacket off. "Hey baby." I turn around to see her staring at me. "Oh shit. Oh shit. Ariel? Baby? Hey." She stares at me awkwardly. "Ariel?" She clears her throat. "Who?" It doesn't sound right but I can tell what she says. I look at her shocked. They told me this could happen but I've been hoping it wouldn't... "Do you remember me?" She shakes her head. "Who you? Who My?" I sigh. "I'll be back okay?" She doesn't say anything. I walk quickly to the nurse. "Uh. Ariels awake." The nurse stands quickly and rushes to the room. "Ah Ms. Ariel. I have been waiting to see those beautiful eyes." Ariel stares at the nurse. "Ariel?" She doesn't say anything still. She turns to me. "She.. Can't remember." She sighs looking down. "I'll uh.. Get the doctor in here. If you could step out we'll come talk to you soon."

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