Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


7. Lifeless

*Lukes POV*

"NO!!!" I run towards Ariel. "You can't do this! You can't I run towards her lifeless body. I cry calling an ambulance. "Please.. Please be in there.. Please.. Ariel please.." I carry her out of her room. "SOMEBODY HELP!" Michael is the first to come running. "Oh my god. Why please. Please tell me she's okay." He helps me get her down the stairs not wanting to wait for the elevator. "Come back Ariel. Come back." By now the lads are right behind us. By time we get down the stairs and out the front door people are already surrounding us. Six girls start to shove people back. "GET OUT OF THE WAY SHE'S HURT!" They scream trying to make a way for us but more people keep coming. Finally we get past the crowd in just enough time to see the ambulance coming down the street.

*Calums POV*

"I'm so sorry.. I should have told you that we could still be friends.. I'm so sorry.. You shouldn't have felt like you weren't needed... You are needed.. You are." A few tears spill but I won't let them all come down. Not yet. Not until I know for sure. I pull my phone out. "Kenzie I really need you... Please." No answer still. I wipe the tears that I let fall sighing. I slump into my seat sighing. I text Kenzie again. "Please just answer me.. Let me know you're okay.." Still nothing. I groan. "I'm losing all my girls.." I look up to see Ashton crying. I walk over to him. "Ashton..." He turns to me the tears falling. "I can't tell her now.. I can't tell her.. I love her.. I fucking love her okay.. Thats why I wanted her to be our friend.. That why I still wanted to talk to her Calum.." I stare at him in disbelief. "You love her?" He sighs. "Yeah.. It's finally coming out.."

*Ashtons POV*

"Yeah.. It's finally coming out.." Calum shakes his head. "Wow.." I wipe the tears away. "I know.. I know its stupid.." He sighs. "You can't help who you fall in love with Ashton... You really can't.." He checks his phone looking disappointed. "Still nothing from Kenzie?" I sniffle. He shakes his head. "I don't know whats going on..." I try my weakest attemp at a smile. "Don't worry.. She'll come around." He nods. Turning and walking away. I look around. Before he gets too far away I yell at him. "Hey, Cal. Have you saw Michael?" He shakes his head. "No.. I think he just wants to be alone for a little." I shy pressing my head against the wall. "Please Ariel... Please.." I close my eyes rubbing my temples.

*Michaels POV*

"It's my fault. Its all my fault. Its that Ross guy... Ross started this.. I finished it.." I walk to the middle of the street. "I'm ready." I close my eyes turning. Then I'm getting shoved to the ground. "YOU IDIOT! WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!" I open my eyes to see a car go by just in time I sigh. "Get the fuck off me." They stand up pulling me up with them. "How could you do this?" I realise now its a girl. "Holy shit you hit me hard. You're a girl." She rolls her eyes. "Get over it." I smile at her. "I'm sorry." She shakes her head. "I just can't believe you'd do that." I look down. "When you hurt enough you'll do a lot of things." She looks down. "I want tell anybody what happened... I promise.. If they find out I just shoved you because you weren't paying attention.." I nod. "Thank you.." She half smiles. "Take a picture with me stupid."

*Later that night.*

I run into the hospital. "WHERE IS SHE?!?" the nurse asks me who I'm looking for and I tell her. She takes me to her. "No!" I scream falling onto my knees. "NO!! I love you Ariel! I LOVE YOU! Please! Please come back!" The doctor comes out of her room. "I'm sorry sir... We did all we could.. She is officially of 10:36 pm. Brain dead. I'm sorry for your loss." I let it all out. Tears the anger. "I WISH THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME! I NEED YOU! ARIEL I NEED YOU!" The nurse comes over to me pulling me over to her desk. "I'm very sorry.. Sir.. Please.. Calm down.. I know its hard.. Here take a drink." She hands me something and I try to drink it but fail. The tears fall harder. "I.. I didn't get to tell her how much I loved her.. How can she be gone? How..."

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