Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


11. How Do You Tell Him

*Ariels? POV*

I look around the room standing up. "I'm ready." The boy Michael grabs my arm. "Alright come on." I wrap my arm in his. "I can walk.." He rolls his eyes. "I know Ariel.. I know you can.." I sigh. Ariel. There that name is again. They keep calling me it. How do I know if its true or not though. Especially when I have no idea whats going on or have no memory what-so-ever.. Michael is sweet and all but.. I don't know. He just doesn't seem like somebody I would want I guess. I don't know maybe its because I was hurt or something I don't know but its scary. Its scary to wake up and see somebody you don't know who claims they know you. Its scary to wake up and not even know your name.. not even know where you are, who you are or what you've even done. I know I should just try to remember.. But it feels like I'm pushing myself to not remember.

*Michaels POV*

"Alright here you go. Your rooms right here and here is my room." I point at the two rooms. She nods. "Where are my family?" I hesitate. "Uh..." She looks at me strangely. "They're people you would be glad to have out of your life.. You didn't have a good home life." She looks down and nods. "Well... I'm uh.. I'm going to

go to my room." I turn around and start to walk pulling my phone out and looking at me lockscreen picture. There we are.. Ariel on the left me on the right. I'm bending over about to kiss her and then Calum snapped the picture. I sigh. "Michael.." I stop and turn slowly trying to not look sad. "Yeah?" she's not far away. "Thank you.." I look down. "Uh.. You're welcome." I turn back around and start to walk again. I'm just ready for her memory to come back.. It has to come back.. It has to. I have no one else I would want to spend my life with relationship wise of course.. I just.. I can't lose her again.

*Ashtons POV*

I walk up to Ariels room and knock on the door. Almost immediately she opens the door. "Oh. uh. Ashton right?" I smile and nod. We look at each other for a little then she steps back blushing. "Oh uh sorry come in." I smile walking in. She closes the door. "So how are you doing?" She looks down. "Honestly... I want to remember and then I don't... I'm so scared.. How do you tell someone that you like their friend when they obviously still like you? He sighs. "I know.. I'm sorry.." He wraps his arms around me. "I like how you did the 'uh Ashton right?' It was very believing." She giggles. "Thank you I've been working on it." I bend my head down to kiss her. "I missed you."

*Calums POV*

I sigh. "I know man I'm sorry I bet its hard." I walk with Michael. "If you want to keep talking about this you'll have to come with me to the hospital okay?" Michael nods. "I'm sorry mate.. I know there's a lot going on with you too. I.. I'll go talk to Luke." I pat Michael on the back. "Hey I'm here. I'm going to ask Ash what he wants to eat then I'll head to the hospital and then to get food." Michael sighs. "fooooooood." I smile. "Yeah comforting." I turn and walk to Ashtons room. I open the door without knocking. "Hey Ash what-" I look around but he's not in there. "Ash?" No answer I turn around and walk to Brad. "Bradddddddd. Have you saw Ashton?" He looks at me. "Hey Cal. Uh yeah he went to Ariels room." I look at him strangely and then nod. "Thanks." I start to walk but turn around and lunge myself into Brads arms. "Carry me." He chuckles but carries me to Ariels room. "Thanks Brad." He nods dropping me. I knock on the door. "Hey it's Calum I'm going to come in." I know if Ashtons there she obviously won't be naked. I walk in to see Ariel with her legs around Ashton. The music loud. My eyes widen. "Oh shit." Brad whispers. "ASHTON!"

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