Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


25. 7/22/15 4:32 am


*Ariels POV*

"Max.. You can't say that please. I came here to get away from this. I'm broken.. I'm sorry." I turn to walk but he stops me "Ariel its okay please stay. I've stayed here all my life waiting for you the least you could so would be sit with me. Talk to me. Do something with me." I sighed but still I walked in. "Wow.. its..." He breathed in deeply. "The same." I nodded. "Holy shit.. I.. This brings back so many memories." He looks away. "Why would you do that to yourself?" I looked at him weirdly. "How could you ever had sold yourself knowing i was in love with you." my face dropped. "I didn't know Max.." He rolled his eyes. "Bull shit!" He got up shoving the table over. "It was so obvious!" I backed to the corner. "You're going to stay here now though. Forever. Even if I have to force you."



*Nialls POV*

"Please send out a missing persons watch.." I rubbed my eyes looking at a bloody michael laying on the floor. "I didn't mean it." I get up and kick him. "Fuck off. You'll never get her. Never." I walk out of the hotel room and run down the stairs. "Incoming call from Ari please trace this." I hear a boy talking but can't really make it out "Ariel?" no answer. "Ariel are you okay? Where are you sweety stay on. the line love. We're going to come for you." No answer still. I run my hand threw my hair. "Please stay strong babe. I'll be here.."




*Skipping 8 1/2 hours later Michaels POV*

"ARIEL!" I shove past the crowd of people to see a bloody mess. Laying on the ground covered in blood there she is. Her throat and wrists slit its a wonder shes still alive but you can hear the faint wheezing of her. I run as fast as i can. When i get to her I lay next to her and wrap an arm around here. "I won't leave you. I'll never leave you again. I love you Ariel I've loved you ever since I met you. That day was the best day of my life." I can feel her body start to shake. "PLEASE SOMEONE MOVE HELP HER I DON'T CARE WHO JUST SAVE HER!" Sobs run out of me as I get pulled away from here. He's here though i see him. He would be hard to miss. Especially as he gets into the ambulance with my girl. The girl I let go. The girl i should have never had.



*Ashtons POV*

I jump into the ambulance with Ariel. "Sir you ca-" I cut the lady off "Please. Don't make me go. Please." The tears run down my face. "Okay sir." They close the doors and start to work on Ariel blood runs out of her mouth. "We're going to need to get blood into her. And I mean NOW." They start to work even harder they grab bags ans hook up to Ariel monitors going off but still they never quit. Even when her heart stopped completely they kept working. They put tubes in her and they got her back. I will never forget the moment. The moment i knew she was gone. Ariel was considered brain dead at 7/22/15 4:32 am. She was put on life support at 7/21/15 12:25 am. The day Ariel came back was 7/23/15 4:32 am. I guess you could say its a miracle. I say it was just a person who wasn't done with life. Ariel was considered brain dead for one day. And she came out. That is not a coincidence someone is watching over Ariel. I know that now. I am forever grateful. I will never forget this.




*Michaels POV 7/22/15 4:32 am*

"NO!!!" I fell to my knees and sobbed. "Please god no. No I love you. I love you so much! Why couldn't I have admitted that! There's one thing that I hate so much more thoroughly than my own existence. And that would be the hurt that I can still see in you. The hurt that I cannot make go away, the hurt that I caused. I'll never be able to tell you how much you meant to me.. Please." The doctor touched my shoulder and I flinched. "Sir.." He said quietly. "we did all we could to save Ariel we have put her on life support its up to you.. Do you want to pull the plug?" Her life was in my hands.. How could I ever make that decision? "I... She can't be taken off.. If its truly her time then she won't come back.. Please.. Give it at least two days.. Lets see.. anything could happen."

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