The Drummer

Hello. My names Xena. I guess you can say I'm a .. well.. yeah, teenage dirtbag. I love my parents don't get me wrong but I hate that they choose and plan out who I'm supposed to be. I am me, no one else and they just REALLY need to understand that. Yeah school sucks when your a fifteen year old at high school who is..well.. how do you put it.. different and when your parents already have a college picked out, what job they want you to have(which is a lawyer, how boring), and possibly even the boy they want you to marry! I'm only fifteen, MY LORD! I wanna just run away. But when I meet the boy of my dreams everything changes and maybe, just maybe we'll run away together..


3. Chap. 3

After history I go to 5th period which is L.A. When I get to the L.A I go and sit in the back in my tanish desk that's chair is always squeaking and has my initials carved on the top left corner. Mrs. Genwood is an okay teacher. You'll probably never see her with her hair down, everyday she wears it up in a ponytail with her light and dark highlights that her hairstylist could have done better on, I won't lie. 

"Hello Xena, I saw the present you left on your desk." Mrs. Genwood says with a very unpleasant look on her face.

It's been a week since I've done that and she's just now noticing..

"Detention, after school." 

"Detention? For carving two little letters on wood?"

"That is not just wood, that is school property miss snooty!"

"Snooty? I go for more.. Umm.. bitchy."

"That's it detention during lunch and after school!!"

"Yay! More time to think what else I want to carve on my desk."

"Sit down and don't say a word Xena!"

"Yes ma'am." I said making a big fake smile. 


I have lunch after 5th period so when the bell rings I head to detention.

I go to sit in the back, like I usually do for almost every class. When Mr. Handsen(the detention asshole) demanded "No, Xena this time you sit up front."  

I looked up and stared at him in the eyes, sat down in the desk that's furthest in the back. Put my feet up and smiled greatly. 

"Hope your comfortable, because you'll be sitting there after school." Mr. Handsen replied.

"Yes I am, and I will be thanks to Mrs. Genwood." 

"Then hope your looking forward to detention tomorrow as well." He reputed.

"You know I always am." I smirked. 

All the sudden I heard a noise. Not loud but not quite either, it begin to get closer and closer.




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