The Drummer

Hello. My names Xena. I guess you can say I'm a .. well.. yeah, teenage dirtbag. I love my parents don't get me wrong but I hate that they choose and plan out who I'm supposed to be. I am me, no one else and they just REALLY need to understand that. Yeah school sucks when your a fifteen year old at high school who is..well.. how do you put it.. different and when your parents already have a college picked out, what job they want you to have(which is a lawyer, how boring), and possibly even the boy they want you to marry! I'm only fifteen, MY LORD! I wanna just run away. But when I meet the boy of my dreams everything changes and maybe, just maybe we'll run away together..


2. Chap. 2

  "Xena, feet down." Mr. Berbins said as he wrote on the chalk board. 

 "But my feet are tired." I said with a blank expression.

"Xena.. I'm not going to tell you again, put your feet down!" Mr. berbins said almost breaking the piece of chalk in his hand. 

 I slowly dragged my feet off the desk, making a loud thump with my feet when they hit the ground. 

Mr. Berbins is my history teacher and we never were very fond of each other since the first week of freshman year. He's the teacher who mainly always gives me detention. One day I was sitting in detention and I reached over to ask my friend Jaymee if she had a pencil or pen i could borrow, and I barely even made a noise because I whispered so quietly and he said "Guess your just really wanting another day of detention aren't you Xena?"


So for the first time I didn't get detention for my feet being on the desk because Mr. Berbins was to busy with another rebelion student, Darek. I know Darek somewhat, only from detention though. Darek will usually get detention from doing graffiti. I have to admit, his works not bad he would be a very interesting artist. 




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