My bestfriend?

This is the story of me and my boyfriend. Wait scratch that, best friend? Ya I guess... my best friend, Ashton Irwin. ��


1. ✖️❌Prologue❌✖️


We walk into his house and race up stairs, I've been here a million times before so I know what's about to happen...

We both enter his room and he blares music by The 1975. I sat on the bed and he does the same, quickly he slams his lips to mine. The music playing drowned out the moans and lip smacking.

This was usual for us, making out, no sex.

Why no sex?

Well this boy was no other than my best friend Ashton Irwin. Now I get it.. Why is she kissing him if their just friends? I like to think of our relationship as 'Friends with benefits' which in our case we flirt with other people, kiss other people, and do the dirty.... With other people.

And neither one of us minds, well I kinda do I mean it hurts but, that was our relationship. I guess I should explain who I am now...

Im Kacey, Ashton Irwin's best friend.

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