My bestfriend?

This is the story of me and my boyfriend. Wait scratch that, best friend? Ya I guess... my best friend, Ashton Irwin. ��


2. Chapter 1⃣

{Kacey's pov}

I woke up to my alarm going off at 6 a.m. Making it's annoying sound signaling me to get the fuck up.

I finally turned it off and grabbed my towel to take a shower and brush my teeth. After my shower I put on my out fit, a nirvana t-shirt, ripped black skinnys and black&white converse. I brush through my brown hair (that's dyed blonde on the ends) and leave it down like always.

As I go down stairs and look at the time on my phone, only 6:40 and school starts around 8. I never eat breakfast so I guess I have some spare time to tell you about my self.

My full name is Kacey White, favorite color is rainbow (because it's easy to answer), favorite bands consists of nirvana, all time low, Mayday parade and loads more, only child, have a mom and a dad who argue a bit but, then again who's parents don't have arguments now and then? Any ways I'm 17, and go to Lincoln academy high school in Australia.

I'm pretty popular but, I don't care.. half of my 'friends' are either two-faced or fake as fuck.

*Knock knock Oh hey my rides here! Finally, I open the door to find one of my best friends Marissa.

"Hey what's up?" She says. "Nothing much just waiting for your lazy ass." I reply jokingly. "Ok sure, come on let's go!" She laughs.

I grab I jacket and my back pack and step outside. Neither one of us drives so we walk to school everyday together since she only lives a block away.

As we arrive I go to my locker which is right next to marissas, and also next to my best friend Ashton.

Ashton's already at his locker talking to some blonde bimbo, jealously courses through me but, I ignore it and get my books out of my locker.

The blonde walks off and Ashton turns to me, "hey Kacey whatcha doing tonight?" He asks.

I think about it and reply with "nothing why?".

"Welll..." He starts. " I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party tonight, since your my best friend!" He says excited.

"Umm.. Sure I'll be there. Can I invite marissa?" I ask.

"Sure! See you there I need to go to class but catch ya later!" He talks as he's walking away.

I had to get to class to before I was late, believe me it wouldn't be the first time.

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