staying strong

Paige and her little sister gabby live alone together. its been 2 years since their mother died and father left them. they only have eachother, until a certain guy comes along and changes Paige's life.


3. Uh oh!

i woke up being unfamiliar with my surroundings. where was i? after a few seconds i realized i was in the hospital. The room had pale walls and a small t.v in the corner of the room. I looked up to see a boy nealing beside me that have never met before. I knew it was not a paramedic because they were all wearing navy blue uniforms. The kid was extremely tall, and blond haired. He had amazing blue eyes and had a small black loop ring in his lip. As is stood in fascination, i snapped back to reality when i realized he was holding my hand. I never realized this until now. I wiggled my hand trying to free from his, wondering why a stranger was holding it in the first place. He let go of my hand that was shaking in fear of why i was in the hospital. The blue eyed boy looked upset. He looked down with his hands on his face. After a few minutes of confusion, he finally spoke up.

In a shaky voice he said “hi, I’m luke, i accidentally ran into you in the hallway when i was turning the corner and you fell into the lockers and hit your head”

It took me a minute to realize what had happened. I wondered how bad my injury was.

“how bad is it?” i asked worriedly

“you got a concussion” he answered looking down as if he was too ashamed of himself

“im so sorry” he kept repeating over and over

“its fine” i answered back trying to make him feel better

“where is my sister?” i asked

“she is at home, i gave her a lift from school so she would have to stay for the study hall”

“thanks” i replied.

luke was extremely sweet and made me tingle when he talked to me. I think i liked him. He was perfect. The doctor came in and told me that i needed to stay off of my feet and rest for a few days. He also said not to get too stressed or too angry because it might cause me to black out again. I nodded as luke helped me walk out of the hospital. He was such a gentle man.

“I will drive you home” he said as if it wasn’t a question

“thankyou” i quietly responded

the car ride was awkward but not too awkward. When we arrived at my house he opened the door for me and once again helped me walk to the front door. He twisted the handle and walked inside. I had a terrible headache but the doctor said that was normal after a concussion. i stopped walking for a second to regain my balance and hopping my headache will die down.

“whats wrong” luke asked

“my head hurts very badly” i responded sounding achey.

just as i was getting ready to continue walking, i felt a force under me, lift me up. Luke was carrying me like a baby. He gently laid me down on the sofa and said "sorry again” and started to walk towards the door. Before he could go anywhere, i grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“don’t leave me” i said

he sat down without saying a word on the carpet below me.

“tell me about yourself” i ask

“well I’m 18, i am in a band called 5 seconds of summer, i have 2 siblings and i love penguins” he answered “what about you?”

“im 18, i have a sister named gabby, my mom died in a car crash and my dad left us”

i responded

“im so sorry to hear that” he said

i didn’t reply back. I wish i had my mom with me now. i really needed her.

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