staying strong

Paige and her little sister gabby live alone together. its been 2 years since their mother died and father left them. they only have eachother, until a certain guy comes along and changes Paige's life.


6. sushi

we pulled up to a huge white house and walked inside. It was gorgeous. The walls were white and the ground was marble. it was 4 floors and had a huge game room. I stood in shock as lukebrought me to his room. It was navy walls with guitars hanging on the wall. he had a cup of picks and some posters hanging around his room. I did not know he played guitar and i was shocked because i do too. We sat down on the bed as he put his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer. He asked if i wanted to go for sushi tonight with him. I said yes and he called to make a reservation.

“would you like to watch tv?” luke asked

“sure” i said

he put on the football game

“do you like football(soccer for americans)?” he asked

“yes i love it” i answered excited

we snuggled on his bed as we intensely watched the game.

“What time is or reservation” i asked

“7:00” he answered

“so i should probably get going so i can get dressed and fix myself up”

“alright so i will swing by at 6:45” he said

“perfect” he said as he grabbed his keys and drove me home

i said goodbye and he drove off. i walked upstairs to see my sister with a friend. They were watching videos online. I said hello and took a shower. I came out dripping wet and dried off. I wrapped my hair up in a towel while i laid my outfit out. i chose to wear a black dress that dipped down to my lower back with lace. I put some silver platform heels on and walked in the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. for my hair, i just left it curly but i braded to pieces back and clipped them together. I did a smoky eye for my makeup and touched it off with some red lips. As i walk out of my bathroom, i see a figure sitting on my bed. I screamed and dropped my lipstick as the case cracked on the ground.

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