staying strong

Paige and her little sister gabby live alone together. its been 2 years since their mother died and father left them. they only have eachother, until a certain guy comes along and changes Paige's life.


2. School

I woke up, like always, to the annoying sound of my alarm clock buzzing and buzzing. I was so tired from last nights “How I met your Mother” marathon with my sister. I lazily walked into my sisters room opening the creaking door. I gently tapped her as she woke up looking just as tired as I was.

“Goodmorning.” said Gabby, giving me a slight smile.

“good morning, be down in 20 minutes” I said giving her a kiss on the forehead

I walked out and stood in front of my bathroom mirror as I brushed my teeth. I always like to listen to Ed Sheeran in the morning. I walked into my closet feeling overwhelmed with all my choices. I just decided to put on some skinny jeans with a nirvana top. I wore my hair down but put it in a black beanie. I slipped on my white high top converse as I made my way to my bathroom again. I lightly applied some foundation, mascara, and a little pink lipstick. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself some rice crispies and quickly ate so my sister and I weren’t late to school. I heard my sister coming down stairs so I began to clean up my mess.

“Ready?” I ask

“yeah let me just grab my books and I will meet you in the car”

I walked out grabbing my keys as I felt the morning sun on my face. I opened the door for my sister as she hopped into the car. The car ride was silent because we were both exhausted.

Afer arriving at school, my sister and I both went out separate ways. I started walking to my locker when I hear someone yell my name. I turn around to see my best friend Katie standing in front of me with the biggest smile on her face.

“What are you so happy about?” I ask

“I got tickets for us to go see Ed Sheeran perform live” said katie

“Whhhaaat?!!!” I squeezed katie so hard i don’t think she could breath.

As we nth screamed with excitement, the bell rang. And I hugged her saying goodbye with the biggest smile possible on my face. I couldn’t believe i was going to see Ed Sheeran. After I gave katie a hug i quickly turned around to start walking to science as i felt some great amount of power strike into me. I fell to the ground hitting my head on the lockers and all i saw was black.

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