staying strong

Paige and her little sister gabby live alone together. its been 2 years since their mother died and father left them. they only have eachother, until a certain guy comes along and changes Paige's life.


7. do i love him??

there stood a laughing luke.

“You scared me to death” i said still shaking

he just wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss

“you look gorgeous” he said

“thankyou” i replied smiling at him

we walked outside and jumped in his car. he rolled the windows down which made me shiver.

“here” he said as he gave me his jacket.

it smelt like cologne but i liked it. we arrived at the resterunt and were leaded to a back room. I quess luke did this as a surprise. I walked in and saw candles lighting up the whole room. It was gorgeous

“did you do this luke?” i asked

“yep” he said as i gave him a tight hug.

it was so romantic. he was so romantic. i think i love luke. after we finished our salads, the main course came. My sushi looked so good and so did luke’s. we took bites of each others. After we ate, luke went to the bathroom, then the check came. I quickly took the check and paid while luke was still in the bathroom. he came back and sat down. He went to reach for the check,

“I already paid, its ok” i said

“what?! why?? that was my job.” he replied

he seemed upset that he didn’t pay but i didn’t care because i wanted to pay. He took me outside and asked if i wanted ice cream. Of course i said yes! we grabbed our stuff and walked to the parlor. I ordered mint chocolate chip and he ordered chocolate. We both ate our ice cream and talked about his band. I got a little ice cream on my nose so he wiped it off for me. That when i said the word i have been scared of. I did the extreme.

“I love you luke hemmings” i said

“i love you paige jerome” he answered

hope you guys like it so far. comment below what you think. ill try and update tmr

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