staying strong

Paige and her little sister gabby live alone together. its been 2 years since their mother died and father left them. they only have eachother, until a certain guy comes along and changes Paige's life.


5. coffee break

at lunch time, luke came to greet me at my locker. he held my lunch and walked out to the picnic tables. We sat with a few of his friends, calum, ashton, and michael. They seemed nice and very funny. I opened up a pb&j sandwich and had a little jelly left on my face. Luke noticed and dabbed my face with his napkin. He was so cute to me. I smiled back at him. After the lunch bell rang, luke brought me to my locker. I turned around to put my stuff away and get my math binder. As i came to turn back around i looked at luke. This time he made me feel so happy looking at his quirky smile. He intertwined his hands behind my back and pulled me closer. His lips pressed against mine and i felt sparks fly everywhere from my heart. We were interrupted by likes friends telling him they were heading to class. I was filled with questions and emotions. I didn’t know what just happened. Luke let go of my hips and gave me a peck on the cheek and smiled then walked away. I really needed luke hemmings. I felt not just sparks but fireworks when we kissed. At the end of the day, luke greeted me with calum, ashton, and michael and said they were going to go to starbucks and asked if i wanted to go. I said yes and got in likes car. The ride was so much fun. We blasted music the whole way and sang along to every song. When we got our drinks we all sat down on the couch. I sat next to luke as he put his hand on my thigh.

“Paige, could i borrow you outside for a minute?” he asked

“sure” i said getting up and throwing my coffee out

“so..” i said “why did you bring me outside?” i asked before getting cut off by another kiss. I pulled away and asked him

“are we dating” “i don’t know what to think of us” “is there an us?” i asked

“do you want there to be an us?” he asked

“yes” i answered

“me too. Paige, will you be mine?” he asked

“yes i will” i said

“good because ever since i saw you, i thought you were the most gorgeous person in the whole world” he said

i just kissed him back. luke asked if i wanted to leave and i did. so luke gathered the other boys and dropped them home. he then asked if i wanted to go back to his place. of course i said yes.

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