Grey's Senior year!



1. A new start

Meredith's POV

"Meredith! Come down for breakfast, you're going to be late!" The first words I hear every morning. If I'm not down in 10 minutes I'm in big trouble. "I can't believe it's the first day of senior year! All my friends are going to be there and ... " "Stop mumbling"a stern voice says. I look at the door and I see my mom standing there "It's not ladylike to mumble" Still sleepy I rub my eyes and get out of bed. "Yes I know mother but have you never been so excited that you mumbled a little?" I ask with a shaky voice because I never know how she's going to react. "No" and with that she leaves. "Be down in 5!"

*5 minutes later*

"Are you going to be home when I come back from school?" I don't even expect an answer because it's obvious: My dad left when I was 5 and I don't know why and my mom, well ... she's a surgeon so she will probably be in the hospital till late. "I don't know, I might I don't know what time my surgeries will end." I'm really surprised by that answer that I don't know what to say. "Well go on then or you'll be late for school!"

*At the school*

Derek's POV

"Hey Sloan wait up!" "What!" He answers quite angerly. "Oh it's you. Sorry. I had a bad night." He sights. "No problem bro I understand." I answer happily. " Why are you so happy?" He asks me suspiciously. "No reason." I tell him cooly because I don't want to tell him that the girl I that's in my Biology class is crushing on him. What was her name again? Oh yeah Lexie, Lexie Grey. For some reason I know that name from somewhere. But before I can think any further I'm being pulled in a kiss. "Hello Addison, how nice of you to join us today!" I tell the redhead. " Well good morning to you to honey! Don't we have to go? I don't want to be late on the first day!" "Yeah she's right, we should go." Mark says while he walks away nervously. I don't make anything out of it because it's not the first time he behaves strang.

Meredith's POV

I'm talking to Christina when someone sneaks up behind me and yells with all the power her voice can give her " HIIIII" I shriek at the same time, "I hate it when people do that Izzie!!" "I'm sorry." She mumbles. "That's ok, How are you? How was your summer? Where did you go?" "Uhm well I ..." RIIIIIING "That's the first bell, we should go to our lockers! See you at lunch?" I ask. Everyone nods and leaves to go to their locker.

*At Meredith's locker*

" OK now that I have my books I should check what class I have... dammit Math from mister Wilson! No one likes him and he smells like rotten cheese!" I think to myself while I close my locker. When I turn around I see someone running towards me. "HEY! WATCH OUT!" I yell. But it's to late he already knocked me down.

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