The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


58. authors note

Hey guys!

Sorry it isn't an update! Just here to say I know Down syndrome isn't a cause of falling and hurting your back. Please don't question what I write? I'm sorry if I seem grouchy to you guys, it's just that I've been told my best friend has gotten herself pregnant and so she has to be whisked away to whales for punishment. That's right, I'm not gonna see my best friend foot YEARS now! :( it hurt enough with my old best friend, she had Down syndrome and she got taken to live in America because ever since she was 5 she said she wanted to move there. It hurts so much! So, sorry if I'm being grouchy or my writing's sloppy, at least now you know why :(.

Love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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