The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


26. A/N

Hey guys!

I'm sorry that this isn't an update and I'm really sorry, but I'll tell you why now.

So, when I got home from school I made myself a boiling hot cup of coffee. And me being the dopey shit I am, missed my mouth and my brother scared me, so I burnt all of one side of my face. It kills!

I'm really sorry for not updating, but because of the silly fuck up that happened, I had to spend three hours at the hospital, two and a half of those hours was waiting to be seen by a doctor. Please don't hate me! My brother said he's sorry that you don't have your chapter, but I promise to update as soon as my face is less sore and I can see properly out of both eyes.

I love you all, stay perfect! (And not fucked up like my face)

-Lauren :)

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