The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


13. //9//

I smile at Ashton and kiss his cheek before walking off to tell Luke about Calum.

"You'll be fine Ash." I sigh. He nods and smiles at me before entering the lounge. I run upstairs to find Luke looking through my photo album from my childhood. He seemed to like the pictures in there. I walked up behind him and hugged his back.

"What ya doin' Lucas?" I giggle. He turns around and picks me up before pecking my lips. He sets me back down and looks at my album, then me.

"You still look the same." He giggled. I rolled my eyes and he hugged me and kissed the top of my head. "Can I help you with anything babe?" He asks. Wow he knows how to make me smile.

"Yeah, actually... Calum isn't coming tonight. But he might come in the morning." I explain. His face drops and he takes out his phone.

"Why? And why hasn't he messaged me about this?" He asks. He's frowning a little and he puts his phone back. I giggle and start to explain.

"I'm sorry Luke, but Calum has a girlfriend now! Her name is Hannah! So, if you wanna get mad, it's because he's on a date with Hannah tonight." I say. His face lights up and he starts dancing around. It's so cute how they all get excited for eachother.

"That's great! Now me, you, Michael, Samantha, Calum and Hannah can triple date!" He yells. I laugh but then remember Ashton. Poor guy! I'll just set him up with someone. That should be fun! And then he won't be a loner! That's great! I'll set him up with my friend Luna, and he won't know until the day! No one will! It'll be perfect.

"I've had an idea! We can quadruple date! Don't tell Ash though. We'll set the date for Saturday!" I chuckle. Luke's eyes widen before he attaches his lips to mine, moving them for a few seconds before breaking the kiss.

"You're a genius Grace!" Luke giggles. He pulls me on to his back and gives me a piggy back ride all the way to the lounge where Ash is staring at his feet whilst Sammy and Michael watch Pokemon. They're such a cute couple!

I jump off Luke's back and sit next to Ash. I poke his cheek and he smiles.

"You ok kanga?" I ask him. He giggles and nods before turning to me. We've become such good friends. We even have cool nicknames for eachother.

"I'm great roo! Just a little tired." Ashton giggles. Yes, that's right. He's kanga, and I'm roo! I think it's cute but Luke always scoffs when we call each other that. I think he's a bit jealous.

"Then go to sleep Ash, me and Luke will cuddle up to ya!" I tease. He sighs and lays down on the couch. I lay beside him and Luke jumps on top of us. "Ouch, Lucas!" I yelp. He gets off and picks me up too spinning me around. I feel so good when I'm with him. I think I might.... Actually love him...

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