The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


10. //8//

There was a knock at the door disturbing mine and Luke's little McDonalds tea party with next door's cat. (I know how weird that sounds.). Luke groaned and I giggled as I got up to answer the door. It was Michael and... A girl! She was so pretty. Light brown hair flowing over her shoulders, light brown eyes sparkling in the light. If I was in to girls, I'm telling you, I would fight Michael for her.

"So, Michael... Who's the girl?" I yelled. Luke shot up and ran to the door. His eyes widen. His eyes started travelling all over her, so I slapped him.

"Hey, baby, I'm sorry! And... Girl, Mikey? Wow." Luke said as I walked away sulking. Michael and the gorgeous girl walked into the lounge and Luke shut the door behind them. Michael comfortably took a seat and pulled this girl on to his knee.

"So, are you going to introduce us?" I raised an eyebrow to Michael. He nodded really quickly and smiled widely.

"So guys. This is MY GIRLFRIEND! Her name is Samantha." He laughed. I saw Samantha blush as he said that. I'm so happy for Michael! Luke just sits down and wraps his arms around me just before there's another knock on the door. I sigh and trample my way to the door, letting my neighbour's cat go as I open it. There stood Ashton. Alone. I smiled and hugged him as I gestured for him to come inside and closed the door.

"It's good to see you again Ash!" I scream. Ashton picks me up and spins me around making me squeel. I guess you could say we've grown really close already.

"It's absolutely great to see you again too, Grace!" He giggled as he put me down. We walked into the room to see Michael and Sammy all over each other and Luke was pulling a face.

"Jealous baby?" I laughed. His eyes shot up to me and he smiled the widest I'd seen him smile so far. He rushed over to me and smacked his lips onto mine. What is it with him and kissing?

"It's not a freaking competition!" Ashton moaned. I could see a hint of jealousy mixed with sadness in his eyes.

"Only 'cause you don't have a girlfriend!" Luke joked. I looked over to Samantha who was a little shocked. I had to save her from this mess before Michael said something, because it's kinda obvious with these boys.

"Hey, Sammy, I can call you that right? Well, I was gonna ask if you would possibly help me with a little something?" I asked. She smiled and shook her head as she jumped up and ran to the kitchen with me.

"So, you must be Grace then. Yes, of course you can call me Sammy! I don't mind at all... What is it you need help with?" She asks. Aww, she's so kind! I can't wait to get to know her more!

"I didn't really need anything, I just though it would be better for us if they were left alone for a few minutes." I giggled. She nodded and looked at my phone on the counter.

"Your phone just vibrated.." She told me. I picked up my phone to see a text from Calum.

From, Cal is a weirdo (Luke picked the names of my contacts): heh Grace! Could you possibly tell Luke I'm busy with my new girlfriend tonight, but we'll be around in the morning. Thankssss xo

Another girlfriend? Oh my life! Poor Ashton!

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