The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


9. //7//

I must have fallen asleep once we got back home because I woke up to hear Luke singing in the kitchen again. Gosh, does this boy ever stop? I didn't really pay attention to the words he was singing this time, I just walked begging him and kissed his shoulder.

"Have a good sleep baby?" He asked me. Oh my god! Did he just call me baby? I fl tingles go all up my spine. Wow.

"Why didn't you wake me?" I moaned. He shrugged, turned around and kissed my nose. He was too cute! I feel all warm inside knowing that he's mine and I know he'll protect me from any trouble now. I poked his side and he flinched.

"Hey! That was mean! And I made flapjacks, I was bored whilst you were sleeping and I didn't want to rudely disturb you, so I made these instead!" Luke chuckled as he pulled the fresh flapjacks out of the oven. They smelt divine! I couldn't wait to have a taste once they were cool. I shrugged it off and picked up my car keys.

"I'll be back with food in about 15 minutes Lukey!" I smiled. He nodded and attacked my lips before letting me get to my car.

I drove to McDonalds and ordered a mcchicken sandwich and a Big Mac, both with a large Pepsi. When I got back Luke was watching Australia's got talent and the flapjacks were cut into 12 pieces. I locked the door and walked into the lounge to Luke, I passed him his Big Mac and Pepsi and sat next to him to eat my food. After about 30 minutes we had both finished and were really bored! I suggested playing monopoly, but of course Luke had a better idea. We would call up the guys and ask them to sleep over, and that they could bring someone if they wanted...

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