The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


74. //59//

*6months later*

"Can you say, mumma?" I whispered to Starr. Hunter and Ashley were in their bouncers while I was feeding Starr.

"Mmm....mmmmm" she tried. They're all so cute! Luke should be back soon, I want to be able to get them to say something before he gets back.

"Okay, how about, Starr?" I suggested. She looked at me weirdly before laughing. She's so cute! "Maybe... Dadda?" I asked in hope. Nothing. "You can't say dadda?" I asked. It was just then that my phone started to ring.

*phone convo*

(G=Grace, L=Luke)

L= hey, baby!

G= hi! You ok? When you getting back?

L= about that... we've been asked to go another 3 months...

G= seriously? That's.... Great...

L= I know right! It's amazing! How're my beautiful babies?

G= they really miss their dadda if that's what you mean...

L= Grace? Are you mad?

G= yeah, just a little bit. You wanna know why? It's because I let my self fall in love with my bloody babysitter!

L= I love you too babe, now will you just calm down?

G= calm down? How the hell am I supposed to calm down when you've just told me you're spending 3 more months on tour?

*en of phone call*

He put the phone down on me! He put the fucking phone down on me! How did I ever fall for him? I can't believe him!

The front door opened and in walked a blonde boy with a lip ring and flowers.

"Dadda!" Starr shouted. Oh my gosh! Her first word!

"I'm not really going on your for longer! It was all a surprise! How do you love your babysitter now...?"


Hey guys!

So, this is your last authors note on this movella ever, you wanna know why? Because this is also the last update ever! That's right, 'The Babysitter' has come to an end. But don't worry, I will be writing a sequel shortly!

I'm sorry if you think this is too soon, but you can expect longer chapters and family fun in the sequel! Who knows, maybe something big will happen...

You have all been so great to write for, I appreciate every single one of you that read this. Thanks for being so kind to me throughout the past two months.

Love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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