The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


70. //56//

I got woke up by the sounds of three crying babies. Oh god. Life has just hit me right in the face! It's 8am and surprisingly Luke is sitting over the crib, trying to calm the babies down. I get up and walk over to them. I put my head on his shoulder and smile as his soft voice sings a lullaby.

"You're so god damn cute!" I whisper into his ear. He stops as soon as the babies are asleep and crashes his lips onto mine.

"Don't worry about going to write down their names. I did it already. I wanted to do all I can before I leave for tour tomo-" he stops and looks down at the floor. "I don't wanna go." He sighs. I'm so shocked by his words! I shook my head and hugged him.

"Come on, Luke, it's always been your dream. Don't throw that away just because of me! You said it yourself. Your mom, dad, Ben and Jack will help me. Please Luke. You deserve this." I cry. He knows I don't want him to go. He starts to sob into my shoulder. I want to comfort him, so I rub my fingers through his hair. It just makes me worse though. I end up sobbing into his shoulder too. I feel so down! It would be fine if the tour was about a month away. But no. He has to leave tomorrow!

"I-I don't think I can." Luke cries.

"You have to! Luke, don't drop your dream, just because I'm here. We'll still be her when you get back! Me, Starr, Ashley and Hunter! You should go. I know you'll make it far baby." I reply. That's when Liz walks in.

"You all packed for tomorrow Luke?" She asked. I guess he was really depressed about it, because he stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him. What has gotten in to him?!


Hey guys!

So, what do you think is wrong with Luke? Why is he so depressed about the tour suddenly? Tell me what you're thinking in the comments!

Oh, and also, one of you asked for a picture of the triplets, but I have no clue how to do that, so yeah. The only way I can show you is if you follow me on Instagram (Lauren_the_fabulous_unicorn)!

Love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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