The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


69. //55//

*back at home*

The car stops right outside Luke's house. I thought we were going to mine? The only people that have seen Starr, Ashley and Luke Jr are me, Luke, Ashton and my mom. Luke hops out of the driving seat and comes around to my side to let me out. I pick up Luke Jr, leaving Luke to carry Starr and Ashley (they're all in individual car seats.). When I start to walk to the door I hear the car lock and Luke runs infront of me.

"Luke! Don't run with the girls!" I yell. Luke frowns at me and stops.

"I'm sowwy." He pouts like a 3 year old. I poke his cheek, making him smile. He opens the door, letting me walk past him, Starr and Ashley with Luke Jr in his car seat in my hands. I walk around the corner into the living room where I'm expecting to see Liz, Andrew, Ben and Jack. Instead, I'm faced with banners and balloons that say 'it's twins!' And 'welcome home twins!'. Sitting there, staring at me, was Liz, Andrew, Ben, Jack, mom, Ashton, Calum, Hannah, Michael, Luna, Samantha and Jason. Oh my gosh they're all here!

"So, where's the other one? Where's you baby girl?" Luna asks. I holler Luke's name and he comes walking around with the girls in their seats.

"Turns out there wasn't just two of the beautiful creatures!" Luke laughs. I smile and take Luke Jr out of his seat to be in my arms. A bunch of 'aww's go around the room. I'm feeling really happy and I'm so thankful for everything that people have done.

"So, what's this little chappies name?" Michael asked as he took Luke Jr out of my arms. I look at Luke and smile.

"Well, it hasn't been written down official for what his name is yet, but at the minute, his name is Luke Jr." I answer. Michael stands there with my baby boy and rocks him gently. It's so cute! The next thing I know, Liz is holding Starr and Luna's holding Ashley.

"Aren't they just precious? It's a shame the boys only have two more days of bonding time left with them!" Luna smiles. Oh yeah, I forgot about the tour. Two days? Really? I feel a tear roll down my cheek (I swear I'm obsessed with crying.) and I quickly wipe it away before turning and leaving the room.

"Where you going princess?" Luke asks softly. I throw him a weak smile.

"I'm just getting a drink." I lie. He nods and I carry on to walk into the kitchen. I needed something for the throbbing in my head, the lumps in my throat, the pain in my chest. It's just not fair! I'm not going to be able to cope without him here. 6 months is a long time to be away.

I search through cupboards until I find some aspirin. I grab a can of Arizona ice tea and swallow about five aspirin. I know, that's bad, but I was in too much pain. I heard someone walking towards the kitchen, so I hide the aspirin in my pocket and take sips out of my ice tea. It's mom. I really don't want to see her after the incident at the hospital. She walks towards me and weakly smiles.

"Grace, I'm so sorry hun. I didn't mean what I said, I-" she grabbed my face and dug her nails into me.

"Mom, stop! You're hurting me!" I scream. I feel some sort of liquid run down my neck as she squeezes tighter.

"I will always be your mother. I love you!" She yells at me. It stings so bad!

"Get off of me!" I exclaim, thank god this time Ash heard me and he ran into us. He removed my mother from my reach and showed her to the door.

"Luke!" He calls. It doesn't even take a second before he is beside us both and his jaw drops. I reach for a cold paper towel and wipe the small amount of blood off my face.

"Grace, please stay here. My mom would take care of you. Please?" Luke practically begged. I nodded and walked back into the lounge. Now Calum was holding Ashley, Hannah was holding Luke Jr and Ben was holding Starr.

"I think I'm gonna rename him to Hubter (it was requested quite a lot, the whole Luke and Luke Jr thing was confusing me.)" I mumbled whilst smiling at my baby boy in Hannah's arms. I felt Luke hug me from behind and kiss my neck.

"Yeah, he's my big strong boy. He's gonna looks after my girls and help them with everything." Luke breathed onto my neck before kissing it again. That's it, first thing tomorrow, I'm making sure that my babies names are made official. Starr Maddison Malyon-Hemmings, Ashley Jessica Malyon-Hemmings and Hunter Jason Malyon-Hemmings. They're my world. I just wish that we had more time before the guys go on tour..

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