The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


64. //51//

Luke arrived at around 5pm, my moms special chicken dinner was all ready and set out at the table. I opened the door and smiled at my boyfriend and his mother.

"Hi Liz, my mom's in the dining room, just go ahead and sit down!" I smile. Li nods and turns around the corner to the dining room. I see Luke and he looks a bit nervous. I laugh at his facial expression and jump into his arms.

"I'm so sorry Grace! I just wasn't thinking straight, I was so excited about the record deal and-" I cut him off by smashing my lips onto his. I can't let him apologise off something that's not his fault.

"Shut up! I'm the one who's sorry. Now come and eat my mom's dinner!" I laughed. Mine and Luke's fingers intertwined as we skipped into the dining room. Luke sat next to Liz and I sat opposite him, next to my mom. It was so weird to see Luke so nervous, but it's really cute too! I smile at him to make him feel a bit more comfortable, and I can see him becoming less tense as he returns the gesture.

"So,Lucas, I hear you and your family have been taking good care of my daughter and I can also see you've been very... Friendly..." My mom states. How embarrassing! My eyes grow wide and so do Luke's. My cheeks are burning up!

"Mom!" I yell. Luke, Liz and my mom laugh. Is there something wrong? "What's funny?" I ask, feeling really insecure.

"You're just so cute when you blush." Luke sighs. Him saying that only makes me turn a shade brighter.

"Shut the fuck up 'Lucas'." I hiss, emphasising the word 'Lucas'. I know he hates being called that. I see his face drop and I giggle. "You're so cute when you do that with your face!" I laugh. Everyone else laughs again. My mom stands up and takes all of our plates out to the kitchen.

"You kids are adorable, and I've really got to get cooking tips from your mother!" Liz exclaimed.

"You got that right! It would be nice to have non-poisonous food for once." Luke teases his mom. I see her give him a death glare before walking into the kitchen to talk to my mom.

"Movie?" I ask. Luke's face lights up and he picks me up, running to the lounge. He sits down on the couch and places me on his lap.

"Gosh you and the babies are getting heavy!" Luke laughs. I hit his shoulder playfully and then pull his arms around me.

Liz and my mom walk into us with Lattes and biscuits. I place mine on my stomach, who needs a table when you're pregnant! We sit and watch Harry Potter for the rest of the night, but our moms' eyes are set on us. I feel so happy and comfortable. I never want this to end!

*two weeks later*

"Luke! Take me to the hospital! We're getting baby results." I call up to my sleeping beauty. I know it sounds really girly, but I don't care! I hear Luke shuffling about before he rushes down stairs, hair perfect and wearing black jeans and a nirvana shirt. I'm wearing a tartan dress with knee high socks and black converse, my red hair in a messy bun.

We hop in the car and we spend the whole car ride talking about whether we think it's boys, girls or a boy and a girl. I hope it's both, Luke wants girls and my mom text me saying she wants it to be boys. We arrive at the hospital and get called into a room straight away. A nurse walks in with a clip board and smiles at us.

"Miss Malyon, Mr Hemmings, I'm happy to tell you that you're having...."


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