The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


63. //50//

I was now shaking in my moms grip. She's gonna be worse when she finds out it's twins! I pulled back and looked her in the eye, shaking my head a little as I do.

"Mom, please! It's not how it sounds, I promise. Luke's a really great guy! Please, don't do anything you'll regret, I need Luke... I... I love him!" I scream. She pulls me back into the hug and nods.

"Ok baby, I won't, I'll give him a chance. You're ungrounded. I was just a little shocked, that's all. I love you sugar! Just, please don't ever scare me like that again! I'm gonna help you through this, and I want to meet the real Luke that got you into this mess..." She giggled. I'm so relieved! I sighed and smiled at her. She's the best. I just get my phone out and dial Luke's number, it's not until I hear his voice on the other end of the phone. I start to cry and run upstairs to my room so I can talk to him.

"Luke? I'm so sorry babe! I love you... Please forgive me?" I cry down the phone. I hear a few sniffles before I get a reply.

"Forgive you for what? I'm so sorry Grace! Can I come over?" Luke's sweet soft voice calls through the phone. I smile at the sound and giggle a little. I'm so happy!

"Yes! Of course you can! Just so you know, my mom is back and she knows..." I sigh. I can sense his worry through the phone.

"I'll be right over, I'll bring my mom too!" He panics. He's so cute.

"Yeah, they'll get along great! Bye, see you in a few minutes!" I giggle. Finally, I'll be able to feel like a part of a perfect fantasy. I can't stop my smile as I hang up the phone and waddle back down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mom's making brownies.

"He and his mom will be over in a few minutes!" I cheerfully smile. My mom smiles and pulls me into yet another small hug.

"I can't wait...!"...

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