The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


7. //5//

I just stood there. Glaring at Luke in disgust. Some babysitter he is! Just wait, if he tries anything like sex, I can just get him done for rape! That's not a bad idea!

I turn and walk back to my room, Luke slowly closing the door behind me, he was probably looking at my butt no doubt! I just ignored the fact that he was there and walked back to my room. I had a quick shower and got ready for the day ahead of me. My outfit consists of a nirvana shirt, black skinny jeans, black converse, and a grey beanie. Under my beanie I let my long, wavy, red hair float down my back. I apply concealer and a little mascara and run downstairs to smell bacon and hear singing. I walked into the kitchen to see Luke singing and hovering over the oven. I had no clue what the hell he was singing. But then I clicked, it was 'I Miss You' by Blink 182. I stopped and leaned against the wall listening to him sing:

Where are you?

And I'm so sorry,

I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight,

I need somebody and always,

This sick strange darkness,

Comes creeping in so haunting every time,

And as I stared I counted,

The webs from all the spiders,

Catching things and....

He turned around and saw me. I smiled and clapped watching him blush. I really didn't expect that from him. He was so good! And so cute when he was blushing too.

I walked up to him and stood also hovering over the oven, watching the bacon finish sizzling. I walked to the far cupboard and pulled out two plates.

"You're really good at singing by the way." I smiled. Luke just froze, I could tell he was smiling.

"You really think so? I've only ever sang in front of my band... I mean... Three of my friends... Forget I said that!" He blushed. A band, eh? Mr. Sex pest just keeps getting cuter and cuter...

"Is there any chance that I could meet this band of yours?" I asked with high hopes. Then Luke brought the bacon and put three pieces on each plate. He looked at me in the eyes and we stood there like that for a few minutes until I remembered the bacon. "I'll put the bacon on a sandwich..." I started. Luke nodded his head and remained looking at me.

"Of course you can meet my band! You'd be the first to see us in person! Is there any chance we could possibly start again..?" Luke asked me. I made the sandwiches and looked back up to Luke and nodded.

"Hi, I'm Grace Ella Malyon, and you must be my babysitter.." I laughed.

"Hi Grace, it's nice to meet you! I'm Luke Robert Hemmings, it would be my pleasure to get to know the person I'm going to be babysitting!" He smiled. His dimples showing again. Oh my god. I think I've found my weakness.

"Ok Lucas, eat up! We've got a big day ahead, I'm meeting your band!" I giggled. His mouth dropped and he glared at me.

"Are you trying to flirt with me Miss Malyon...?" Luke laughed.

"Oh yeah, you keep dreaming golden balls!" I laughed as I ran, him chasing me around the house until we fell, him landing on top of me. Silent for a moment. Then his sweet lips touched mine. Finally...

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