The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


55. //43//

Luna just sat there, tugging at her clothes.

"Please tell us Luna. If you can't tell me what happened I'll have to tell my mom and get her to speak to aunt Shelly.." Luke threatened. She shook a bit and a tear ran down her cheek.

"He..." Luna started, but got interrupted by my phone going off. It was Ash.

"Please don't let him know you guys are with me. Please! Don't talk or make any sudden sounds." I pleaded before answering.

*g=Grace, a=Ashton*

G: A-ash?

A: Hey Grace... You with anyone?

G: Umm... No. Why? What's wrong? W-why are you c-crying?

A: I... I've made a huge mistake... It's Luna.

G: What about Luna? What's wrong Ash?

A: I know you're not alone... I know everyone's there... I can see you all listening. You said no one was there Grace...

G: Fine I'll take you off speaker and walk to my room.

A: Luna and Luke are cousins... I lied to try and get a chance with you... I gripped too tight to her this morning... The truth is, I miss her! I still love her Grace! I need her.

G: Umm, well. Okay, I can talk to her for you? But can you please just go home and calm down before you... Well...

A: Fine, I wouldn't have hurt you anyway. And there's something top secret. You WILL go along with it Grace! You won't tell a sole! .....

*secret res of phone call. (Haha! Wouldn't you like to know what it is.)*

Ashton explained everything he wanted me to do. H said that if I didn't, he would make sure I was hurt. Badly. And this time he wants me to keep the secret from Luke for as long as possible. I don't wanna do what he's making me. But I can't tell a sole, I promised...

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