The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


54. //42//

I felt my whole body begin to shake. I remain standing still, all eyes on me. Luke's eyes filled with tears and worry. I was just about to talk when Luke did.

"Are they the marks that were on you shoulders and around you neck? The ones on your legs to?" He asked. I nodded slightly. His eyes widened and he pulled out his phone. "Don't worry, I'm calling Luna. I'll put it on loud speaker." Luke carried on.

*phone call*

Luna: Hey, Luke? Listen cuz, why you callin me at this time? I'm watching my neighbours baby for a few minutes whilst they go to the shop.

Luke: Luna. It's urgent, how long will they be?

Luna: About 5 minutes, why, what's wrong?

Luke: Just be at Grace's as soon as you possibly can. Please! It's really important!

Luna: Oh, they're back now. I'll be around in a few minutes. Love you cuz!

Luke: Ok, quick! Love you too! Bye!

*end of call*

"I need to make sure he hasn't hurt Luna too. Grace, I'm so sorry for not always being around you to protect you! I love you so much.. I..." He was interrupted by Luna walking through the door.

"Hey guys!" Luna smiled. Luke ran straight to her and pulled her in to us.

"Luna, when was the last time you saw Ashton?" Luke asked scred. She started to tug on her jumper and looked at the floor.

"This morning.." She muttered.

"You can't hide it Luna. Tell us what he did to you! We know what he's been doing... To others..."

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