The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


5. //4//

Moaning. Sweating. Panting. I was calling Luke's name repeatedly, and he was moaning mine in response. The bed posts banging against the wall. The floor boards creaking from the bed posts. Loud calls and moans echoed around my empty home and bliss was the only emotion I could decipher, the rest were mixed.

Blue eyes met brown through sweaty hair. A naked chest flushed against mine. His body stopping any trace of cold from meeting mine.....

"What do you think you are doing coming into my room? Private, personal moments don't have to be shared missy?!" Luke laughed.

"Excuse me! This is my house, and I hear my name in the morning so I come... I mean like, not that type of cum... I mean, I thought something was wrong or something like that so being worried, I came. Again, not that type of cum." I explain. I kind of confused myself on that one too.

"Still, just because this is your house doesn't mean you can just barge in on me!" Luke argues. Who does he think he is?

"You have been here for a few hours and already you think it's ok that you wank here?! Seriously?!" I snap. He didn't reply right away. Instead he just got closer and closer to my face. His breath hit my lips. My heart started to beat faster, I could swear he could hear it.

"I will wank when I choose to. And if you don't want mummy and daddy to find out about your rude attitude, you will help me sort it out." He sniggered. Dirty fucking pig.

"Fuck you!" I screamed.

"Oh, you will." Luke chuckled, but everything in his tone of voice told me that he was deadly serious.

I can't believe I fantasised about him whilst he was stood infront of me. Holy shit.

He just seemed so serious when he implied he wanted to sleep with me. Like. Dude? I'm only bloody 17! No?

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