The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


51. //39//

I wake up on the sofa. Not very good. My back kills, and not just from the bruise. It's because I didn't sleep in my bed. I miss my bed already! But I think I love Luke more than my bed and so I cuddle up to him instead. He wakes up and turns over so I can't hug him.

"Fine then, I love my bed more than you... Good morning that I'm gonna go to sleep in..." I stutter. What even? I don't understand myself! I start to walk up the stairs but I get picked up bridal style and I'm carried to the kitchen. I can't open my eyes, even though I'm still awake. A few seconds later a pair of lips crash onto mine, but they don't feel like Luke's. I open my eyes and have to stop myself form yelling. "Ashton? What the fuck are you doing?! Seriously? I love Luke!" I whisper-yell at Ashton. His face drops and in walks Luke... Of course.

"What...why.... Ashton? But, you're... Grace?" Luke stuttered. His eyes tearing up. I run to him and start to cry. How dare Ash kiss me like that when he knows I'm with Luke. Ashton's my best friend. I already told him, he's like a brother to me!

"I'm really sorry Grace... A-and Luke! I should have kissed you roo. I feel terrible for doing it! Please forgive me?" Ashton pleaded. I I start sobbing before I slightly nod.

"You're lucky you're a friend and I care about you Ashton! But the next time something like this happens, I won't hesitate to hurt you !" Luke yells. He's so loud when he yells, it's ever so likely that he attracted Michael and Calum to the kitchen...

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