The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


45. //33//

I woke up wrapped up tight in Luke's warm arms on a familiar sofa that I can't exactly remember. I just know it's not mine. I stirr and I can feel Luke's breath through his smile. It's so nice. I open my eyes and our lips crash together.

"Where are we?" I giggle. He points to a chair in which sits a very fanilar olive- skinned boy: "Calum?"

"That's right, we're at Calum's house. You fell asleep on the way home and Calum asked me to come over, and that's how you ended up on this couch." Luke explained. Makes sense.

"Yeah, would you like a drink?" Calum asks. I sit up and cuddle with Luke.

"Umm, do you have ice tea?" I ask. A wide smile spreads across his face as he nods and heads to the kitchen. Why the smile/smirk? "What's his deal?" I laugh at Luke. A smile also spreads across his face.

"He made his own ice tea, I don't like it. He's probably gonna ask you if you like it. Don't worry about upsetting him if you don't, he won't mind. He's just a curious guy." He explains. As if on queue Calum walks back in with what looks like a glass of pee, nice?

"Thanks, Cal." I smile as I take the glass of beverage. I place it to my lips and take a small sip. You can definitely tell that he flavoured it with lemon!

"Wow..." Is all I can say. He looks at me confused and Luke starts to laugh. "It's...lemony?" I carry on. Luke just explodes with laughter and Calum scratches the back of his neck.

"I guess I used to much. Sorry. How's lemonade?" Calum asks. I smile and nod.

"Thanks Cal. You're the best." I laugh. He nods before walking back into the kitchen. He's so kind. I just move to sit on Luke's lap when my phone vibrates, indicating that I have a new text message.

From: Jason xxo.- Hey best friend! I miss you so much. Just landed in New York and on my way to the hotel. The streets are amazing! I need to bring you here one day. You'll love it! How're things going with Luke? You two made up? I'll message you tomorrow smelly. Love you xxo.

To: Jason xxo.- Hey stinky! I miss you too. Me and Luke are back together. I love you Jase! It's gonna be weird for me without you tomorrow, but I'll get through it with Luke and the guys. Hope you enjoy your mini vacation in your dream land know as the big apple. Make sure you message me tomorrow! See you poopy brain XP xxo.

I switch my phone off and pull Luke's arms around my waist tighter. I guess Calum forgot about my lemonade because he's sat back down watching PLL. He's a real man isn't he... Haha.


Hey guys!

Sorry for the really weird chapter. Sometimes I can't think of anything to write because I'm busy, but I do try! Please don't hate me for the weird things like that. I'm also a little sleep deprived because I have a new baby brother and my mom leaves it to me to take care of him in the night because she's a heavy sleeper. Lucky! So, I'm so sorry about that guys.

I love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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