The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


43. //31//

Jason was already gone when I woke up. This will be the first birthday I've had without him. Seriously, he's been my best friend since birth, he's a few months older than me, his birthday is in November. Every single birthday was a new adventure for me. We would always find something new to try out and possibly get our selves into trouble on the way. It was just then that I received a text from him.

From: Jason xxo.- Hey princess, I've just arrived at the airport, I'll be on the plane in 2 hours. Miss you already Grace. I'll text you everything exciting, I'll also text you all the way of my journey back to Australia. I love you so much Grace. I'm so bummed that I can't be with you on your birthday. I'll call you when I board and as soon as I land. See you poopy brain xxo.

I miss him too. I wish he didn't have to go. But it's too late to say goodbye in person, or is it?

"Luke! I need you. Come here!" I yell. I hear footsteps pummel up the stairs and the door flys open. Thank god I was wearing sweatpants and a tank top.

"What is it sugar?" He asks, smirking he did when I first met him. I slip on my vans and throw a beanie on my messy hair before pulling Luke to the front door.

"Drive me to the airport!" I demand. He nods and hops in the car. I guess he can be sweet if he wants to. We arrive at the airport within an hour. Only one hour until he boards the plane. I need to find him.

"I can see him in the far building, at the top there." Luke points. I'm so happy, the only thing that matters now is getting to Jason. I start running, nothing can stop me now, even Luke understands this, he grabs my hand and helps me run faster to get to him. 20 minutes left. Ten. Five. I finally get there, 2 minutes to go.

"Jason! Wait!" I yell. He turns around and smiles. I run a little more to reach him and jump in his arms. He spins me around and I do something that I should have done a few years ago. I kiss him. "I'm gonna miss you stinky." I cry.

"You too smelly. Promise me you'll be waiting for me when I get back?"

"Promise, but only if you'll be mine..."

"Definitely princess..."

Oh my gosh. I feel so relieved and happy. I even forgot that Luke, my baby daddy, was standing behind me, crying. Shit!

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