The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


3. //3//

I couldn't believe Luke. This guy has only known me for less than ten minutes and already he's talking about my tits and grabbing my ass. Fucking gross.

I was in so much shock and disgust that when Luke came back into the kitchen 20 minutes later, I hadn't moved an inch.

"You frozen in that exact place, sugar plum?" He giggled. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not fucking frozen, just tired, that's all. And stop calling me sugarplum you fucking retard!" I snapped. He was irritating me so much.

"Well then, if you're tired I'll carry you to bed, my bed that is." His smirk grew wider. He disgusted me.

"You've been in my house for around an hour! Stop with all the nasty ass comments!" I yelled.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna be here for a hell of a lot longer than a few more hours. And trust me, if you think I'm leaving without a little payment of another sort from you, you've got issues." He winked. He was such a douche bag!

"Oh trust me asswipe, you're getting nothing from me, you fucking creep." I hissed.

He suddenly got really close to my face, so close, I felt his breath. And his plump lips, couldn't be much closer before they could touch mine....

"We'll just have to see.... Sugar plum." I closed my eyes waiting for the kiss. It never came. When I open my eyes Luke is stood there laughing for a while before he starts walking up the stairs. Laughing at me. I feel like a complete and utter idiot.

"Goodnight my love!" I hear Luke shout. Did he seriously just shout that?

I was hardly able to sleep, suffering from the painful embarrassment of thinking Luke actually was going to kiss me. Fuck I'm stupid. When I did eventually fall lightly into sleep, it was quickly disturbed by the sound of my name being called along with a few other, let's say.... disturbing sounds. I got out of my bed, curious but absolutely petrified of what the actual fuck was going on. As I walked along the hall, I learnt that the sounds were coming from the guest bedroom. Luke's room.

The door was left slightly open, and from what I could see, there were pictures from my friend Maddison's Instagram, it was a picture she posted. Of me. On Luke's iPad. Ew. Then the noises started up again, my name and whiny, desperate sounding grunts. I looked further into the room, and seen Luke's vicious movements. The vicious movements of his hand. On his length. He was wanking to pictures of me. Ew! I made a squeaking sound, and Luke's eyes met mine...

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