The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


40. //29//

All eyes fell upon me, I shook it off and pulled Luke up to my bedroom. I sat on my bed and begun to cry. He walked over to me and hugged me, it only lasted for a few milliseconds as I pushed him away.

"Why Luke? Why the fuck did you do it?!" I screamed. His eyes met mine, they looked scared and confused.

"Why what? What's wrong Grace? You're scaring me. You've been acting weird for two weeks now." He asks. How dare he play dumb like this. It's a serious situation.

"Oh, don't play dumb on me Mr. Hemmings! Don't you fucking dare!" I yell. His blue eyes become wider and wider as I shout to his face.

"Can you please just tell me what this is about Grace? Please." He begged. I shot him a death glare and scooted up to my. Head board.

"Why Luke... Why did you cheat on me, twice?" I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks. His eyes widened and he rushed to sit right infront of me.

"is that what you think? I swear, it wasn't like that." He starts. What the fuck does he mean? "This is kinda, well, really embarrassing... The first time you thought I was cheating... It was a doll... But, second time? When?" He explains. What?! A doll? Why my bed then?

"The other day. When you went out for two hours and I was with Ash. I heard your conversation with Luna on the phone. You went behind not only my back, but your best friends back with Luna!" I yell. He starts to laugh and then looks me in the eye. What the fuck is wrong with him?

"Yes, I was on the phone to Luna. But I didn't cheat with her! I would never cheat on you! You're my one and only, the girl who stole my heart. Luna is my cousin!" He laughed. Oh....

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