The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


37. //26//

I wake up to see a note on my floor by the door. I walk over to it and slowly pick it up. I open the envelope, it's a card! It reads:

To Grace,

Happy valentines day! I love you so so much. I know you must be really upset, but we'll get through this. I will help you get through this. You mean everything to me and I don't want to lose you. When you go downstairs you'll see that I've left a few things for you! I love you, Kanga xxx

Oh my gosh! Did he really? A huge smile spreads across my face, I put on some yoga pants and a white vest top and run down the stairs, rose petals have been left out, leading to the kitchen. I walk in there slowly to see a huge bouquet of flowers, chocolates and Vegemite on toast in the shape of a heart. How romantic! I actually start crying as I eat the toast. Luke comes around and as soon as he see everything his eyes widen.

"What's all of this?" He questions. I smile and look at the flowers.

"They're off of Ash." I smile. He looks at me questionably and then clicks in. Didn't he know what day it is.

"He beat me to it! I should've got up earlier, I had things planned. I was gonna really surprise you and everything!" He cries. I can't believe him! I grab my flowers and chocolates before storming back upstairs.

"Fuck you Luke!" I yell. I race up the stairs to get to my room, when I enter I am greeted by a huge teddy bear and my favourite album is playing, feel by Sleeping With Sirens. There's also more flowers and chocolates. Why did he do this for me? He remembers my favourite album, he remembers everything, 'sorry' comes on as Luke enters my room.

"I'm really sorry Grace! I really do love you..."

Oh no. I'm so confused. Luke..... Or Ashton?

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