The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


35. //24//

Nothing has really happened since the kiss. We just sat there, in each others arms, crying whilst watching four weddings and a funeral. I love that film, I always cry at the funeral speech, but that's not the only thing I'm crying about. I found out that Luke was cheating on me again, and with one of my best friends! Now I've got to cope another 2 months with him being my babysitter. Urghh. It's 10 o'clock before Luke comes back. He looks at me and Ashton in disgust, he doesn't have the right to do that after all he's put me through!

"Ashton's staying tonight Luke." I call to the kitchen. Luke walks around the corner with a pout on his face. Dickhead. I stick my middle finger up at him, that causes him to snap.

"Right! That's it Grace! I'm Mr. Hemmings to you, and you're grounded. Ashton can NOT stay!" He shouts. Suddenly I feel sick. I run upstairs and cry as I run to the bathroom, the boys shortly run up to see me throwing up.

"Oh my gosh! Grace, you ok?" Ashton asks me. I start to go all dizzy.

"Ashy! Help me!" I cry. Both Ashton an Luke run to me, they carry me down the stairs and drive me to the hospital. I get into a room straight away. I feel so strange. I need to be sick again, Luke sees this in my face and passes me a bowl to be sick into.

"Miss Malyon?" A nurse asks as she walks into me. I nod my head and she smiles. "Congratulations love, you're pregnant!"


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