The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


31. //22//

Luke ran upstairs to answer the phone. I followed behind him and listened in to what he was saying.

'What?!....... Listen baby, no one has to know...... Yeah, I heard....... But she'll be heartbroken....... She has to live with me for another two months.... Ok...... Fine, I'll do it now..." That's all I heard. Sounded like he was talking to a girl. Baby? Oh hell no! I don't think so!

He walked out o the room just as I made it to mine.

"Ah, Grace!"


"Listen baby, I...."

"How many girls do you call baby, eh?" I laugh.

"What? What are you talking abo.... Oh... You heard?"

"Yes Luke, of course I heard. I don't care if you are supposed to be my babysitter. I want you out!"

"Sure, oh and by the way, your moms gonna hate you!" That was the last thing he said before exiting the door. What does he mean, my mom is gonna hate me? I don't know who he thinks he is! I don't hesitate to call Ashton. This time I'm the one with tears in her eyes.

M: Hey, Kanga?

A: Hello? You ok?

M: No! Please come over straight away.

A: On my way!

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