The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


2. //2//

"Good mornin, you must be Grace, I'm Luke. Nice tits by the way" the blonde guy said. He was my babysitter? I had to spend 3whole months in this house with him in charge?!

He was tall. Like so tall.

Those blue eyes were unreal and he had the pinkest plumpest lips I think I had ever seen, not to mention the lips ring. Dimples. Oh my goodness.

He spoke slowly, and quite low. Wasn't exactly expecting him to sound like that.

Ripped skinny jeans clung to his long legs, and a leather jacket to cover his broad shoulders.

He was absolutely amazing! And I had been staring for at least 5 minutes.


"Um.... Yeah, I-I'm Grace" I mumbled. Crap. I sounded like a dumb 12 year old with a crush. I ran my fingers through my hair and stood up a bit straighter. I looked up at Luke. He was staring right at me. Shit.

I've never been stared at more intensely than I was by Luke while we sat at the kitchen counter. I wish he would just say something to break the ice for fuck sake! He looked up and he was still staring. I cleared my throat.

"Um, I guess we're gonna be kinda living together now, so I just wanna set some rules. Don't come into my room. Don't wake me up before 10am. Don't even try to make me eat healthy- I will cry. Don't treat me like a kid, you're like 1 year older than me!" I yelled. He just raised an eyebrow. Fuck. He leaned closer to me, so close I could smell the mint from his breath. Jesus.

"My turn for rules sugar plum. I'll go wherever I want and do whatever I want, regardless of what I do, I get paid. If you don't like something we eat, then tough shit, you can starve. And lastly hun, with tits like those? I'm not gonna treat you like a kid. In fact, I could make these 3 months worth both of our times." He winked. What an evil looking wink. He smirked. Fucking pig. I gasped as he got up planting a kiss on my cheek and slapping my ass.

How fucking dare he!

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