The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


22. //16//

Jason has been my best friend since I was five. He's been through hell and I've always been there for him. He knows what it's like to have someone cheat on him, so hopefully he will help me through this. I knock three times before he opens the door and leads me to the living room where we sit down.

"Tell me what's wrong your graciousness." Jason says. He's always called me that. It makes me smile, until I think about what I have to tell him.

"The babysitter, he's a year older than me. I thought he was a jerk at first. Well, I kinda think he is now. I fell in love with him, we got together as a couple, I met his friends and they're really nice. But, Luke went missing from the restaurant and I went home to look for him, when I got back, he was having sex with a random girl in MY bed!" I cry. Jason hugged me tight and rocked me back and forth.

"No, this can't happen to you. You don't deserve it! I need to speak to this guy! I'm not ok with anyone hurting your feelings Grace!" Jason yelled. He was so angry. He picked me up and placed me in the passenger seat of my car and took my keys to the car and drove to my house. He ran to my door and raged it open, I chased after him but was to late, he raged into the living room.

"Which one of you is Luke?!" He yelled. Luke shot up straight away and backed up.

"Why? What's wrong?" Luke asked. I could tell that Jason was fuming now.

"What's wrong? Did you seriously just ask what's wrong? You're absolutely fucking disgusting! Nobody treats my best friend like that! You're such a dickhead! She fucking loves you, and you did that to her! You don't know how much I hate you, and I have the right to say that as her best friend! She deserves much better!" Jason screamed as he lunged at Luke. Luke hit Jason and he hit the ground. Oh my god! No!

"Jason!" I screamed. I ran over to him and cried into his shirt. I could tell by the way his chest was pumping up and down that he was even more angry now. This was gonna lead to violence if I didn't get help to stop it. "Ash, Mikey, Cal! Help me hold Jason back! Quick!" I screamed. They weren't quick enough though, Jason ran at Luke and head butted him. Oh shit. There was blood everywhere.

"I love Grace! She doesn't know how sorry I am, and you definitely don't! Ever since I met Grace, I felt way different to how I ever have before... I have never felt the way for anyone the way I feel for her! She's my world! I'm so ashamed of myself for what I did. And is my job to look after her for three months, so now, I definitely will." Luke cries. Everything went quiet now. His words are playing around my head now. I run to Jason and hug him.

"Stay over if you want, no violence though." I whisper to him. He nods his head before heading for the front door.

"I'll be back at around tea time, I'll bring pizza for everyone. Even for dickhead!" He laughed. I just hope everything goes ok.


I'm gonna update again really soon. I'm sorry if you don't like this chapter, I promise the next one will be better.

I love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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