The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


19. //14//

I screamed at the sight in front of me and slammed the door shut and ran downstairs. I can't believe him! After I told him about the nightmare! After everything I've said to him, and he goes ahead and does that. He's really hurt me!

I push my face into a cushion on the couch and sob into it as I hear the front door slam and Luke comes walking in to me. I don't want him to come anywhere near me. How dare he do that to me!

"Grace, please... Listen to me..." He begs. He actually gets on his knees infront of me. Who does he think I am? I can't just forgive him like that. He's disgusting! He's horrible! He's just like who I thought he was at the start!

"No Luke! Go away! Get out of my house! I... I h-h-hate you!" I scream. I didn't mean that! But I said it. I can't apologise because that will lead to Luke hugging me and I don't want that right now. Wel, I do... But you know what I mean. It's disgusting.

"Grace, that hurts... And anyway, I can't leave, your parents are paying me to babysit you for three months, we've got two months and three weeks left. I'm so sorry for what I did tonight. If you'll just let me expl...." Luke managed to say before the front door opened and the others walk in.

"No Luke, just take a fucking shower and sleep in that bed. I'm on the couch tonight and until you wash that bed and everything that that slut touched!" I cry. This causes everyone to look at Luke and gasp. Luke runs upstairs and I burst out into sobs. I can't believe my luck. I think I fall in love and then he goes and does that to me! I don't care if I've drawn attention to me, or to Luke for that matter. I just want Luke to leave me alone. Ash runs over to me and hugs me, allowing me to sob in his broad shoulder. The girls have gone home now and Michael joins in with Ashton and hugs me, Calum decides to run upstairs. Probably to talk to Luke.

"What's wrong roo? What happened?" Ash whispered. I sobbed even more at the memory of it.

"He did what he did in the dream, but in MY bed in MY room instead. I fucking hate him!" I yell. Why do I keep saying that? I know I don't hate him and I'm pretty sure everyone else knows I don't hate him.

"What happened in your dream?" Michael asks. Oh shit I forgot. I didn't tell Michael or Calum about the dream. I sob even louder due to thinking about it more.

"He cheated on me Michael! He fucking cheated!" I screamed. It was then that Luke ran back down with a rose and a puppy dog face.

"I'm sowwy Gracey..." He says. I'm too upset and angry with him.

"No Luke, fuck off! It's bad enough I have to live with you for just under three months! Why would my mum leave me alone with him? He's only a yea older than me! She must be mad! Luke actually starts to cry and runs back upstairs. I can hear him throwing things around and a few things smash. How fucking dare he! He'll have to pay for those items. But there's one thing I know he won't be able to afford to fix. My heart...


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