The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


16. //12//

*skip to Saturday, thought I'd try to make a longer chapter, if it's not, then I'm so so sorry*

Today is the quadruple date! Yay! I can't wait to tell Ash that I've got him a date so he can come too!

I get out of bed, being careful as I untangle the grips of Luke. Yes, I know he had the spare bedroom, but, I told him the dream and he got really upset and apologised to me, even though it didn't happen in reals... Right? And anyway, Ash, Calum, Michael, Samantha and Hannah are in the spare room! I take a shower, accidentally leaving my door unlocked. I washed my hair and had just moved on to my body when someone walked in. I wrapped the shower curtain around me and squeeled a little, it was only Luke. Thank god it wasn't anyone else. He grinned at me as he went to the sink and brushed his teeth. I decided to ignore the fact that he was there, but I couldn't. Why? Because seconds later the door locked and he got into the shower with me. Holy moly! I was freaking out. Like, a lot! My boyfriend is in the shower with me! This feels really strange. I just turn around and carry on rinsing my hair and my body, that's when he hugged me from behind. Oh god. This felt so weird for me, he had an erection. I squeeled a gain and turned around, backing up towards the wall. Stupid. He walked more towards me. Grabbed my face and started kissing me quite violently. I kissed back, slightly tugging on his hair, making him let out a little moan. We stopped and he looked me in the eyes.

"I love you Grace." He whispered.

"I love you too Luke." I answered. This made him grin wider, and he got put of the bath, taking the only towel that was in the bathroom with him. How dare he! I need that towel!

"Lucas!" I screamed. I heard a giggle and then running down the stairs. I can't believe this! I can't run out.

"Luke! Bring me the towel! Somebody get me a towel! Lucas! Oh my god. I'm not chasing after you whilst I'm naked! Bring it back to me!" I yell. Then the door opens slightly and someone passed a different towel through the door. I turn the shower off and go to the door. I wrap the towel around me and step out of the door to see Ashton. "Thanks Ash!" I laugh. I pick up my clothes before sitting on my bed, asking for Ash to leave.

"I'll go now. And I'd help you anytime you need me." He said. Then I remembered, I need to tell him about tonight.

"Ash?" I ask.

"What is it roo?" He answers. I smile and look at his left hand.

"I've got you a date for tonight. Her name's Luna, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she's a few months older than me, and were quite close." I say. A huge smile spreads across his face before he runs and hugs me.

"Oh wow! Thanks Grace, I love youuuuuu!" He chuckles. He's so cute.

"Ok, now get out so I can change!" I laugh, and so he does. He's so excited to meet Luna. And I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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