The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


15. //11//

I once again wake up, this time panting heavily and tears were streaming down my face. Ashton was rocking me and Luke was sitting right infront of me rubbing my arm.

"Don't touch me!" I scream at Luke. He looks at Ashton confused, Ashton then responds by shrugging. I want to explain the dream, but I can't.

"Is everything ok babe?" Luke asks. I bury my head into Ash's neck and begging to sob even more. Michael and Samantha are now also awake and are staring in shock at the scene happening before their eyes. I was also confused, but not as much as I was upset and angry. I feel humiliated!

"What's wrong roo? You can tell me." Ash whispers comfortingly. He knows how to calm me down a lot. I nod and then look at the other guys and back at Ash.

"Can the rest of you guys go? Maybe go get yourselves and me and Ash a hot drink from McDonalds or something?" I sniff. The others nod as they slowly pull themselves through my front door to leave to go to McDonalds. I felt so much better now that it was just me and my kanga.

"Can you tell me now roo?" Ash asked in a concerned tone. I look up at him and start crying again before hugging him.

"In my dream.... Luke..... He cheated..... On me in.... My own home..... I'm.... Scared of if .... It might actually happen.... I mean... He could get so much... B-better than me.... What if it comes true Ash?..... What if.... He's just u-using me..? He's s-s-supposed to be my b-babysitter!... And now.... He's my 'b-b-boyfriend'." I say in between sobs, putting air quotes around the word 'boyfriend'. "He wouldn't do that to me... would he?" I cry. No answer. He just pulls me in tighter and kisses my forehead. And it wasn't long before the others were back. This time with Calum and his new girlfriend.

"Hi Grace! This is my new girlfriend, Hannah!" Calum smiled as he gestured to the girl. She was beautiful. She had brownish gold hair, brown eyes and she was wearing ripped skinniest with a tank top that read 'me, sarcastic? NEVER!', and black vans that matched Calum's.

"It's nice to meet you Hannah, I'm Grace." I say as I shake Hannah's hand. She smiles and nods whilst looking around, then she looks at Ashton, who I was still cuddling.

"Are you guys dating then?" Hannah asked me. I choked on air before looking up to ash who's eyes were wide looking at Luke. Luke was as red as a tomato with anger.

"No he's not! He wishes he fucking was though! Don't ya 'kanga'!" Luke spat. Oh god. I didn't want to, but I knew I had to calm him down.

"Luke, babe! Stop! You know me and Ash are just best friends! I'm yours..." I say, then I start to cry again, thinking about my dream. Luke runs up to me and hugs me tight.

"I'm so sorry for snapping baby! Please don't cry! I love you!" He says. I look up at him, into his eyes. He does look upset, but he doesn't know why I'm upset. That's what makes it harder for me!

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