The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


1. //1//

"Grace Ella Malyon, get here right away!" My mother cried from the front porch.

I was sat in my best friends car absolutely petrified of what was about to happen to me. It was 3am, I had just got back from what I think was the best party of the year so far. Now I was sat in Jason's car, absolutely shitting myself with fear.

"You've sure done it this time Jelly bean." He giggled. I punched his arm.

"Yeah, thanks a lot douchebag. You stating the obvious helps me a whole fucking bunch!" I yell. He laughs a little at my little temper.

"Sorry, I'm just saying it would suck to be in your shoes right now! I mean, the look of anger on your moms face! I mean like she s......" I cut him off.

"Yeah, thanks a lot captain obvious!" I screamed as I stepped out of his car.

I started to walk very slowly to my mom. She didn't look very pleased at all. I stood in front of herd but she said nothing, she just stepped aside for me to enter the house. I knew that as soon as that door closed, there would be punishment...

"Grace, I can't believe you! I have been waiting for you since 9pm, it's now 3am! I wanted you to know that your grandpa has very sadly and unexpectedly passed away. This means that I will be leaving you here whilst I travel to the UK for three months. But seeing as though your behaviour hasn't been acceptable, you will have a babysitter to watch over you and live with you for those three months!" My mom explained. A babysitter?! Seriously? This can't be happening!

"Mom, I'm 17 for fuck sake! I have left school! I don't need to be looked after by some old lady I don't even fucking know!" I screamed. She looked at me disgusted.

"A boy... Not an old lady, you rude rude girl!" She huffed. Just great!

I ran up to my room and fell asleep at about 3:30am. I woke up to hear a suitcase being dragged out followed by a young voice.

"Don't worry Ms. Jackson (my mom isn't married and my dad has another family now), I will take care of your daughter, don't you worry!" He said. Then the door slammed.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and got changed into some black leggings, a white vest top and a converse zip-up with my white high top converse, tying my dyed red hair into a messy bun, not bothering with any makeup. Then I run downstairs.

"Good morning, you must be Grace, I'm Luke. Nice tits by the way..."

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