The Way I Lost It All 2

Our main character finds herself in a strange situation when she gets a letter from Scotland........ From Dan. Where is Clark? Why did Dan send the letter? Read the book to find out!


1. The Letter

I run upstairs to my apartment. My feet pounding the ground as I do. When inside, I sit down on my couch and stare at the letter in my hand. A million questions start running through my head. Why would Dan send me this letter? Then I stopped myself and realized it might not be from Dan. Then I quickly pushed away that thought, I mean who else would send me a letter from Scotland? My cable company? But then again it was strange that he had my address, I mean, the last time I saw him I didn't have this house, I was just that lonely girl that had lived in the woods. Now, I mean, I have a job, I have a house and even though I don't go to regular school, I take classes online. I sat there for a moment, dazed, deep in my thoughts about how things have changed, then I realized that the key to all my answers was sitting in my hand and I had not even made an effort to open it yet. I took a deep breath and slowly started to rip open the top edge of the envelope.

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