The Elements of Spellbrook

Angi. Just a normal, no good, regular orphan.

When Angi and her sisters' grandmother that they never even knew existed, vanishes, they find a mysterious book in their grandmother's privet library that will change their lives. Forever.


1. Just a regular nobody

Hi. I'm Angi. It was my mother's name. I'm just a regular nobody. I am also an orphan. Which makes me below the radar. My sisters and I live in Southville Orphanage, we are the only teenagers left. And nobody wants teenagers. Something about rebellion and all that crap. When I get old enough, I will be out of this Southville dump living in an apartment with my sisters. Ever since our father died, we made a pact with each other, never to split up. We are all eachother has. I never want to get married, but my sisters feel otherwise. They are 15 years old, boy crazy and drop dead gorgeous. And in case you haven't guessed, they are twins. Yep, I know what you're thinking. What a handful! Well you are right! But they are the best sisters I could ask for. Even If they can be a little annoying sometimes. Well, all the time if you know what I mean. 


Hey guys! It's Courtney here! I hope you enjoyed this first chapter! I know, it was ÜBER boring. But I just had to get through all that fudge. Now onto the good stuff!!!!!! Read on my Baes. Read on.📖

Message of the Day!

Your value doesn't decrease based on somebody's ability to see your 👑WORTH👑


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