Niall is a shy 17 year old who loves to draw. he draws everything that captures his interest, and he is really good at it.

When he meets a girl thats just like him, he falls for her. hard. and her name is Dawn. he loves to draw her in his spare time. her brown hair, her sharp green eyes, the curve of her lips,
the sweaters she wears; you could say he was almost obsessed.

He wants nothing more to admit his feelings for her, but he is just too shy. so he does the best he can by being a best friend. but when he talks to his friend Harry, he discovers that he loves her too and was planning to ask her out.

Harry is nothing like Niall. he is athletic,
outgoing, and popular. and seeing that he is in love with Dawn, Niall makes an effort to tell her how he feels.

to bad Harry got there first.

Now Niall has go make a choice. lose his best friend since Kindergarden, or he girl he knows is the one.

3. 3

"you don't have to come with me."

"I'm supporting you."


"you seem agitated."

"I'm just nervous." its the day of the art show, and Niall is nervous. Harry tagged along to be supportive, but that didn't make Niall's nerves ease.

"go on inside."

"uh..." Niall hesitated at the big doors of the building that held the competition. Harry sighed and rolled his eyes.

"come on Niall." The blonde haired boy looked to the drawing of the girl he held. it was dawn, and Harry had felt an unnerving feeling when he saw it for the first time.

"but what if..." Niall trailed off.

"we don't have time for that." a few contestants with sketchbooks in hand walked passed them and disappeared inside.

"ill be right back!" Niall yelled as he ran towards the car. the curly haired boy chased after him, their feet making slapping noises against the parking lot.

"relax Harry, I'm just switching my drawing."

"switching?" he raised an eyebrow.

"i brought another one..." Niall fished around under the passenger seat for a moment. "here!" he said happily and pulled out a different piece of paper.

Harry leaned over his friends shoulder to admire the drawing.

"beaitiful." he drew in a breath and let his eyes take in the art. it was of a fall tree; the autumn colors swirling together in beautiful harmony. it was also drawn in shocking detail.

from the grooves of the bark to the lines in the leaves; it was stunning.

"your definitely going to win." Harry said as he straightened himself again.


"you ready to go inside?"



"oh be quiet."


"lets just go inside." Niall said.

"alright." they walk in a straight line to the door, and this time, Niall doesn't hesitate. he wraps a hang around the handle, and pulls open the door.

the place is full of people; all of which have drawings in their hands. Niall sees landscapes, portraits, life, even the classing bowl of fruit.

"where do we go now?"

"i think we have to wait in line to turn in our peices."

"theirs a line?" Harry scans the jumble of people with his eyes, easily seeing over most of them since he is six feet tall.

"yeah, i think."

"if you say so." the boys find what they hope it the back of the line, and stand there. once it slowly moves forward, they know that one: this is the line and two: its gonna be a while.

"Niall?" a small voice says, barely heard above the other people.

"hmm?" Niall turns around and is met with the dark haired girl from last week. he is suddenly thankful that he switched drawings. "oh hey dawn." The blue eyed boy smiles at her.

"hi! i didn't know you were in the competition."

"yeah. Harry talked me into it." he gestured towards the green eyed boy.

"yeah, terrible thing i did." he laughs. "Niall is really nervous."

"me too, i have seen some of the others drawings, and they look way better than mine." Dawn holds up her drawing and the boys look at it.

"its lovely." Harry compliments the moon over the ocean.

"thanks. what did you draw Niall?" she shifts her green eyes that matched Harry's over to Niall.

"this." he holds up his tree and her face makes an amazed expression.

"thats amazing!" Niall slightly blushes.

"thanks. not sure it'll win anything though."

"i think it could win first prize."


"yeah! its better that this old thing." she gestures to her art.

"don't say that."

"eh." as they continued their conversation, the line grew shorter and soon it was Niall's turn to check in.

"name?" a lady with too much makeup on and fake nails asked him.

"erm, Niall Horan."




"i believe i said all this on the-"

"birthday?" she asked, saying the syllables slowly. she was clearly adgitated.

"september thirteenth."

"what did you draw?"

"a fall tree."

"let me take it." Niall handed the paper to her and she grabbed it with her claws.

"thank you. next!" she looks at Harry.

"I'm just a supporter." he walks away, not wanting to deal with her.

"shes so mean." Niall said. he watched as she asked dawn a few questions before snatching her work. dawn walked over to Niall and Harry.

"what a bat." she mumbles. "lets go wait in the cafeteria."


"they have food and stuff set up, once all the people are through, they will announce the winner at three." Niall looked around for a clock, and spotted one that said it was 2:30. thats not too long.

"yeah." the all proceeded to the cafeteria and sat down at an empty table. it was hard to find.

once the thirty minutes was up, someone with a microphone entered the cafeteria.

"alright, time to announce the winner!" this lady was cheery and seemed happy to be here.

"the winner is..." she fumbles with a envelope and pulls out a slip of paper. "Niall Horan!" clapping erupts and Harry pats his friends back. Niall is frozen at the moment. the idea of getting up in front of this many people sickened him.

"you okay?" harry asked. "ill go up there with you if you want." Niall shakes his head.

"will you come with me?" Niall stands up and looks at dawn.

"uh, sure." she smiles and stands up and takes her spot at his side.

"will you hold my hand?" she hesitates for a moment and Niall blushes. "sorry, uh, nevermind."

"its fine." she loops her fingers through his and they walk up to the front together. they make their way through the gawking crowd that had fallen silent.

but Niall wasn't nervous anymore since he was holding dawns hand. he felt safe and he felt like it didn't matter that there were so many people in the room.

the blue eyed boy continued to the front of the room to accept his prize, which was a check for 1,000 dollars and the scholarship. he couldn't have been happier at that moment.

everything was perfect.

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