Niall is a shy 17 year old who loves to draw. he draws everything that captures his interest, and he is really good at it.

When he meets a girl thats just like him, he falls for her. hard. and her name is Dawn. he loves to draw her in his spare time. her brown hair, her sharp green eyes, the curve of her lips,
the sweaters she wears; you could say he was almost obsessed.

He wants nothing more to admit his feelings for her, but he is just too shy. so he does the best he can by being a best friend. but when he talks to his friend Harry, he discovers that he loves her too and was planning to ask her out.

Harry is nothing like Niall. he is athletic,
outgoing, and popular. and seeing that he is in love with Dawn, Niall makes an effort to tell her how he feels.

to bad Harry got there first.

Now Niall has go make a choice. lose his best friend since Kindergarden, or he girl he knows is the one.

1. 1

Niall looped his messy signature across the bottom of his finished drawing. he had just drawn a tree with his graphite pencils, and his hands were covered in in grey. he set the pencil among the others and admired his work. he smiled at the black and white tree.

"your an amazing artist." Harry told him.

"thanks." Niall replied, not taking his eyes off the art.

"you should enter a competition or something." his friend suggested.

"i have before."

"i know, but you should enter again. enter that tree if you want." 


"why not? your gifted Niall." 

"yeah, but if you win you have to talk to people and thats not for me."

"you have to stop being so shy, its getting in the way of possible scholarships." 


"they give those to talented people. you could get one for an art school. and were Seniors in highschool already, you have to do something about college." Harry already had college mapped out for him. he had gotten a scholarship for sports. he loved football most of all and had people practically crawling over each other to get him at their school. 

"maybe. i'll think about it." 

"good." Niall brushed a tired hand through his dyed blonde hair. he is naturally a brunette, but he dyes it blonde because he likes that color better. 

"are you doing anything today?" Niall asked Harry.

"no. why?" 

 "i thought you had a date with Marcy today?" Marcy is Harry's girlfriend of seven months, and she was a real pain in Harry's side lately.

"yeah, but i cancelled. i don't know what's wrong with her lately. she used to be a really nice girl, but lately, everything sets her off. last week, i got her some roses, but she threw them on the floor because she said they were the wrong color."

"wow, really?" 

"yeah, i still took her out that night, and even paid for her meal." 

"you still paid for her?" 

"i had to." 


"to be nice to her, i couldn't risk making her angry twice in the same night." 

"flowers are not a reason to get so worked up, i think you should dump her." 

"she'd kill me!" 

"maybe, or maybe she is trying to send a message that she wants you to break up with her." 

"you think?" 

"possibly." Harry sat and considered it. she had been really rude lately, so maybe she was just trying to get Harry to break it off, so she wouldn't have to.

"i'll talk to her about it later." 

"you might want to wear your football padding." Niall joked.

"ha ha, maybe." 

"but seriously, you might consider your sports cup." 

"that's not a bad idea.." Harry said, thinking of what might happen if he didn't come prepared. he shuddered at the thought.

"yeah, i think i will." 

"good for you." Niall chuckled. 

"actually, i'm gonna go meet up with her now." 


"yeah, i think its time i get this over with." 

"alright, be careful man." Niall warned in a parenting tone.

"i will." Harry said in a 'duh' tone. with that. Harry slipped on his shoes, and walked across the carpet to the front door, and left. the door make a click sound as the lock slid back into place. Niall got up from the kitchen table, taking his drawing with him. he walked to his room quietly and flipped on the light. it made a click as the room lit up, showing the sketch books that littered every possible space. you could see pages stick out of the edges that were carriers of everything from small sketches to full blown drawings.

Niall walked to the one he took the sheet from and placed the tree in the middle of it, gently closing it and setting it back down. he flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. he thought about what Harry said about the competition. he knew their was one within the next week or so, but he wasn't too sure he wanted to enter yet. 

You have to socialize with people and that scared Niall. he is extremely shy and doesn't talk to people he doesn't know. but the thought of a possible scholarship made him wonder if it was worth it. he needed a plan for college since it was already April of his senior year. 

Niall rolled over to the edge of the bed, and fished around under it for his Apple laptop. his fingers grazed the metal of it, and he grabbed the edge of it and pulled it on top of the bed. he opened it and pushed the power button, waiting for it to completely come on.

when it was ready, he clicked on the browser and typed "local art competitions" into the search bar, and looked through the results. he found the one he was looking for, and clicked on it. it thought for a moment, then brought him to the contest page. 

he saw the application and it looked quite extensive for an art show. Niall was surprised it didn't ask for his blood type. he read the description and thought it wasn't too bad. any one can enter some sort of drawing and first prize is a 100,000 dollar scholarship to the art school of their choice. it sounded like a good deal, but Niall's heart sunk when he saw how many others had applied. six hundred and seventy eight people had already entered, and he knew their were others who probably drew better than him. 

still, the idea of the competition intrigued him. 

he tapped on the down arrow until he reached the bottom of the page. after thinking about it and reading all the rules, he filled out the application, and sent it in.  


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