Summer Paradise - Shawn Mendes Fan fiction

Leah's on her summer vacation to Portugal, where she meets the lovely Shawn Mendes. Sparks fly, and romance is in the air, but they both know that this won't be anything more than just a summer fling.


1. Chapter One

 The rumbling sound of the plane landing woke me up from my nap. We finally landed in California after a more than 14-hour plane ride. My vacation had begun.  My brother, Oliver, and I looked at each other as we left the aircraft, excited for the month ahead.

“You ready Lo-lo?” he asked loudly, making me slap him across the chest.
“Don’t call me that, you idiot,” I said bluntly, “and yes, I am ready.”
“Leah! Language!” my mom scolded. I rolled my eyes at her and walked towards the baggage claim.

After an hour of convincing the man at the car rental, who didn’t speak English very well, that we did not want an extra insurance on the not very nice car, we were finally able to hit the road. Of course, all of our luggage didn’t fit in the trunk of the car, so a huge bag had to be placed on the seat between my brother and I. Let me tell you, that people in Portugal do not drive very nicely. May dad had to swerve out of the way several times, and I’m pretty sure that traffic rules are just guidelines to these crazy human beings.
“How did he not see that red light?” may dad exclaimed for the seven hundredth time in the past hour. I just sighed as an answer, and I could hear Oliver doing the same thing on the other side of the bag.
“Dad, would you mind quieting down just a little?” my brother asked sweetly, and I rolled my eyes. He was always such a kiss-ass.

When we finally came to a stop, it was almost midnight, and we had now been travelling for fifteen hours straight. I was fast asleep by the time we got there, so I was jolted awake by the sudden halt of the piece-of-trash car that we rented. It was dark outside, but the moonlight lit up the parking lot of the very nice looking hotel.
“Morning sleeping beauty,” my brother laughed as he opened the car door for me. I gave him a sour look, shut him up, but didn’t wipe the smirk off of his face.

The check-in in the lobby took forever. I started off standing behind my dad, looking him over the shoulder, but I eventually gave up and sat on the extremely uncomfortable leather couch, that was probably not meant as a place to sit. My mom and brother joined, mom sitting on the couch next me, Oliver on the floor in front of me.
“When are we done here? I want to sleep,” I complained to my mom.
“I think they’re almost done, just be patient Leah” she said. I sighed. I was sick and tired of waiting, and I just wanted to sleep in a bed.
“Yeah, be patient Leah,” Oliver said, just trying to tick me off, but I was not going to let that happen, I knew he was just as fed up by waiting as I was, he just found joy in annoying me.
“Just shut your mouth Ollie,” I replied coldly, resting my chin in my hand. I didn’t even look at him.
“So now we’re on nicknames, huh Leo?” he kept pushing. I smacked him upside the head.
“Ouch, what was that for?” he turned to me. I just raised my eyebrows at him. For some time we just sat there annoying each other, we were both on the verge of exploding with anger.
“Can you guys just stop bickering for one second?” my mom finally interrupted. Oliver and I both shut up and looked at her with a blank expression. “Thank you” she said.
I looked to the reception just in time to see my father thanking the lady behind the desk.
“You ready guys?” he asked with a smile.


(A/N: So I kinda gave up on Alive... But I'm back with this one, and I'm really excited for this. I won't make any promises as to when I'm going to update, and updates won't be regular. I'm going to update when I feel like it and have the time. On a happier note, I am really loving the plot that I planned for this story, so if I ever get to end this, it's gonna be great)

Stay beautiful guys,

- Nikoline


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