My roommate~ Harry Styles.

Harry smirked, pulling me firmly by my waist."Why can't you just admit you have feelings for me?"

"Oh, so you want me to lie now?"


4. The big reveal🙏🙌

Mary-Anne's POV

Walking right past Ashleigh and Zack, I head towards the front desk--only to be surprised that there isn't a older looking lady behind the desk, but a rather younger looking lady with colorful short hair.

She smiled bright, "Hi there, how may I help you?"

She has such a nice smile! Ugh, I'm so jealous ... Judging by Zack's facial expression I'm pretty sure he agrees.

I returned a smile, "I'm here to attend UCA? My names Mary-Anne Elizabeth Jones."

Catching a quick glimpse of her name tag, Molly quickly clicked a bunch of files on her computer.

Her bright red lips parted, "This is your first year, right?" She asked, her intimidating dark brown eyes still fixed on the screen.

I nod, "Yeah--"

"Mine too."

All three of our heads turn to Zack.

What is he doing?

Molly gave him a sweet smile... A little too sweet if I might say myself.

"Oh really? What's your name?"

He looked at me, a smirk planted perfectly on his face--which makes him slightly more attractive... "Zack Bryce."

Molly continued typing away on her computer, whereas I stared daggers at Zack.

I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow, "What happened to that engineering college?"

Zack placed our suitcases besides Molly's pearly white desk, mimicking my moves afterwards, "Like I said Mary-Anne, I'll be attending that too."

"But how? Are you gonna switch universities everyday? Huh? Or are you just gonna hire a clone and get him to fill your place?"

He pursed his lips in thought, "Y'know what? That actually seems pretty decent."

Of coarse it does.

Just as I was about to retaliate, Molly decided to interrupt. "Right, Zack and Mary-Anne, welcome to UCA."

She handed both of us a map of the school and a small book with the schools rules and regulations, "If you look on your map you'd be able to find the theatre, that's where you guys need to be right now."

I furrow my eyebrows, scanning the map, "Why?"

Molly everted her eyes to Zack, "You'll be receiving your dorm roo-"

"Oh yeah, never mind, I've heard this already." He said, waving her off.

I elbowed him, "Don't be so rude."

Molly sighed, smiling anyway, "It's fine, but you guys better go now, they'll be starting any minute."

I gave her a smile, "Thank you, enjoy your day."

She smiled, "You too."

Zack shrugged, grabbing his suitcase, "Bye."

I roll my eyes and grab my suitcase as well, walking with Zack towards the hall--which is literally right ahead of us.

Before I could yell at Zack for being completely impolite towards Molly, I was yanked back with my free arm.


"Mary, I just wanted to apologize. I honestly thought that was Luke, but he just sent me a message saying he bailed. He just couldn't do it."

I gave Ashleigh a sympathetic smile, she must feel guilty--pissed and upset too, "Ashleigh, I already said its fine. Besides, you said Luke goes to UCA as well, right?"

She nods, letting go of my arm.

"Then it's sorted, I'll just see Luke here then."

She groans, "How could you though? Do you even know-"

Ashleigh, Zack and I were all caught off guard when Ashleigh was shoved directly into me.

She apologized, scrunching her face up and turning around to see-

"Luke?!" She gasped, shoving him back before engulfing him into a hug.


I didn't see his face properly since Ashleigh's hair was in the way.

Zack tapped my arm, "C'mon, we should get going."

I nod, "Yeah, they'll be starting any minute." Just as I turned away from the two blondes, again I was pulled back by Ashleigh-- having Zack groan.

"Not so fast young lady,"

Young lady?

She looked at Luke, "Luke Hemmings, I'd like for you too meet my friend Mary-Anne Elizabeth Jones." She turned to me, "Mary-Anne Elizabeth Jones, I'd like for you too meet my best friend, Luke Hemmings."

My eyes everted to Zack--who was intensely glaring at Luke-- before greeting Luke.


This boy is so damn fine! Oh my word! He is just the peanut to anyone's butter, oh my oh my, he is defiantly the cherry on top! He just-

"Helloo, earth to Mary!"

I blinked, "Huh?"

Ashleigh giggled, "You're just full of cuteness Mary!"

I smile, a blush forming on my cheeks, "So Ashleigh, Mary and...?-"


Luke nods, shoving his hands in his back pockets, "Right, where were you guys? I was waiting outside for you."

I turn to Ashleigh, raising an eyebrow, "Ashleigh, care to explain?"

She furrows her eyebrows at Luke, "You sent me a text saying you couldn't make it?"

"Yeah, but I obviously changed my mind."

Zack grabbed my arm,"That's nice, but we don't care. Now If you'll excuse us, Mary and I obviously need to-"

"Woah, woah," Luke interrupted, grabbing my other arm,"Slow down! She just got here and I just got here, besides, they only start in 5 minutes."

After both boys intensely glare at one other-- mostly Zack than Luke-- I shook both of their grip off, "So Luke, when are you going to date Mary?"

I blush uncontrollably at Ashleigh's embarrassing question, still curious to find out the answer anyway.

Luke smiled softly, his beautiful blue eyes landing on me, "Listen, Mary, I don't know if Ashleigh told you this or not, but I just found out my girl- ex girlfriend cheated on me."

Here it comes; Rejection. He probably didn't like what he saw and now he's rejecting me. Yeah, sure, it hurts but I'll get over it.


He took a deep breath in, "So, if you don't mind, I'd like to take things slow-"

"I understand."

His eyes widened, "You do?"

I nod, wishing this conversation could be dropped. "Yeah, I've been through similar things like this and I completely understand,"

Luke smiled, Ashleigh looked irritated and Zack seemed happy."Besides, Ashleigh forced me to."

Her eyes widened, "What! No I didn't!" Luke and I laughed at her reaction, "You agreed to do it willingly!"

I felt a poke to the shoulder, "Mary, can we please go now. They are literally starting as we speak."

I blinked, "Has it been five minutes?"

He nods viciously.

"Well we gotta go, bye Ashleigh." I give her a tight hug, "Bye Mary, I'll visit soon." She releases our hug, giving me a quick smile.

She ruffles Luke's quiff--which was really gelled up, so it kinda looked funny afterwards-- before giving him a tight hug.

As Ashleigh went to give Luke a hug, Zack pulled my arm and took me to the main hall, "What the-"

"Shh, we have to hurry."

"We have to wait for Luke though!"

"He can catch up."

I scoff, pulling my arm back. "No, Luke is my friend now and as a good friend I'm waiting for him."

Zack rolls his eyes, "Well he isn't my friend so I'll meet you inside."


"Sorry for keeping you, where'd grumpy go?"

I sigh, "He went inside."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Why didn't you go with him? I thought you would cause you guys seem like best friends."

"Well we aren't best friends, I just met him on my way here on the plane, " I paused, blushing just a bit, "I, uh, wanted to wait for you... So we could both go in."

Luke smiled sweetly, "You're cute when you blush."


"Can everybody please stand to greet our headmistress, Mrs.Styles." Mr.Styles says, later finding out was our headmaster.

Why do we have a headmistress and a headmaster?

Zack laughed, but quickly shut up after I hit him and sent him a quick scowl.

Mrs.Styles was very pretty, I wouldn't be shocked if she was in her thirties.

"Good morning everyone." She sweetly greeted, being greeted back just the same.

"Please be seated."

Well that was a waste of time.

Luke poked my arm randomly, making me grin, 'What was that for?' I mouthed.

He shrugged with a grin.

"First off, I'd like to welcome our Freshman to UCA."

All the freshman--including me--whistled and cheered, causing Luke to laugh at me. I simply stuck my tongue out.

'So mature.' He mouthed.

"I'd like to go over a couple of things with you all," she cleared her throat, "First things first: Breakfast starts at 9AM sharp and will finish at 12AM sharp, you miss it then you'll simply have to wait till lunch."

3 hours of breakfast? Not bad. I'm an early bird so it'll be a bit of problem.

Mrs.Styles flips her fringe, "Lunch starts at 2PM and ends at 4PM. Miss it then you'll have to wait till dinner, which starts at 6PM and ends at 7PM. Once dinner is finished you may not, and I repeat may not, go back to the kitchen, café or restaurant again."

Not a problem. I'm barely hungry anyway. Though, from the look on Zack's face I can see he won't be able to survive.

"I'd also like to mention that we do have student parking here, just incase some of you have vehicles of any kind."

Again, not a problem.

Though I'd like to go for my drivers soon.

"It is compulsory that you choose 5 subjects to do. I'd also like to point out that if you have finished your 5 subjects during the day-- which is an hour for each subject-- you are free to do what ever you like."

An hour?! For each subject! That's crazy!

Luke probably noticed the horrid look on my face, "It's really not as bad as you think." He whispered, smiling reassuringly at me.

"Right, well we don't have enough time to get through everything, that's why I hope you received the rules and regulations booklet from our receptionist, Molly."

Thank god.

Mrs.Styles walked over to a long glass table, which had 5 large bowls placed besides each other on it.

"What I'd like to do now is give you your room key, as well as your roommate. Before we start though, I'd like to quickly mention that your roommate will be from the opposite gender. The girls will receive a year older male and vice versa."

Wow, you can defiantly see she wants this to end.

"I'd like to start with the Freshman so I can get them out of the way."

I lean closer to Luke, "I feel so special."

"Can all the Sophmore Boys please make your way up to the stage in orderly fashion."

"Well, that's my queue."

My nerves suddenly appeared, "Oh god, I hope you choose me! Please pick me Luke!"

He chuckled, "I'll try princess." He gave me a quick pat on the head before making his way towards the large and spacious stage.


I give Zack a nod, my eyes still stuck on Luke, "Yeah."

I feel a hand touch mine, my eyes tear away from Luke to Zack. "Everything will be fine." He reassures, his thumb making little circles above my hand.

I'm not gonna lie, it was comforting.

"First up, Josh." Mrs.Styles voice instantly puts me back to reality.

My eyes, again, was fixed on Luke.

I smile at how adorable he looks.

Seconds turn into minutes and minutes seem to feel like hours.

I sigh impatiently, "This has been going on for ages!"

Zack grinned, "It's only been 10 minutes Mary."

"Which actually feels like 10 hours."

Zack rolls his eyes, "That's beca-"

"Oh my gosh! Shush! Luke's next in line!"

He huffed and sunk back down into his seat. I noticed Luke glaring at the tall boy in front of him, who's making his way towards the bowl.

The boy's hot. That's for sure.

Once the tall boy picked a random strip of paper from the bowl, he handed it to Mrs.Styles.

She smiled, squinting her eyes at the small piece of paper. "Right, can Mary-Anne Elizabeth Jones please come up."

I froze.




Oh my god, oh my god! No! Luke isn't my roommate! Oh my god no! I'm gonna have to share a room with a complete stranger--who's a older boy!

"Mary!" Zack hissed.

I realize I still haven't moved one bit, "There's no need to be shy, can Mary-Anne Elizabeth Jones please come up here." Mrs.Styles spoke.

There were a couple of murmurs in the crowd--who could blame them?

I looked back at Luke and noticed he was already looking straight at me-- he didn't seem happy, that's until we made eye contact.

I took a deep breath in and finally stood up-- you can defiantly say eyes were all on me.

Then again, I did take long to respond.

I gulped, making my way to the stage.

Mrs.Styles noticed my discomfort, "There she is! Everybody give her a round of applause!"

My eyes were still fixed on Luke-- who's jaw was clenched so tight it was very noticeable.

I wonder why?

Well, here I am, standing besides a gorgeous tall boy--who made it extremely obvious that he was checking me out. "Mary-Anne, I'd like for you too meet your new roommate, Harry Styles."


A/n I am incredibly sorry I took long to update. I've just been crazy busy! Please excuse some grammar and such, I was just rushing this chapter xx

Hopefully I update again soon!x

Remember; stay safe and don't suck a cactus;)



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