My roommate~ Harry Styles.

Harry smirked, pulling me firmly by my waist."Why can't you just admit you have feelings for me?"

"Oh, so you want me to lie now?"


3. England🇬🇧

Mary-Ann's P.O.V

I moan with pleasure, as I taste cream and chocolate dancing across my tongue. I swallowed the Oreo cheesecake, "Oh my goodness! My taste buds are tingling!" I squealed.

Zack points towards the Chocolate Chip Frappacino he bought me earlier. I held my hand up, signaling for him to wait till I finish the rest of my cheesecake.

I shove the last remaining bits into my mouth, "Can I have another one?"

Zack rolls his eyes, "Mary-Ann, you need to have something a bit more healthier and filling instead."

I gave him pleading eyes--more like puppy dog eyes. "Oh c'mon! That's unfair! You know how much I like this stuff! If you weren't going to buy me another then why bring me to Starbucks when I could be at my university by now."

I grab my chocolate chip Frappacino and devour on that. I tried so hard not to smile at how amazing this tastes.

"Cause the plane food was disgusting and I thought it would be kind of me to take you out for something to eat before we head down to our university."

Huh, he has a poi-


"What the hell do you mean by our university?"

He smirks, standing up from the table. "I'll go get you another cheesecake."

Perfect moment to get me a cheesecake, hey Zack...

I roll my eyes and see Zack oh-so-casually walking to the back of the line.


"Um, excuse me," I look up and see a random blonde girl--round about my age-- standing besides our booth, holding a Starbucks drink in her hand. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I thought I should introduce myself; I'm Ashleigh Collins." She smiles, holding her hand out.

I politely smile back and shake her hand, "It's nice to meet you."

I quickly glance back at Zack--who's already looking back at me, giving me a confused look-- I shrugged at him.

Ashleigh sits opposite from me in our green booth, "You are really pretty."

Um, okay..

I politely smile, "Uh, thanks."

Zack... Hurry up...

I take a sip from my drink, "Are you single?"

I lightly cough on my drink.

What the hell?!

I give her a weird look, "I'm sorry, but I like guys."

.... Awkward....

She quickly laughs, only now noticing that she has dimples "No, no! Not like that!"


I give her a confused look, "I have a friend who just got out of a relationship. Me being me, I decided to find the perfect girlfriend for him."


I raise an eyebrow at her, "I'm guessing he doesn't know about this?"

She smiles, "You guess right."

I always do.

"Isn't it a bit to soon to be doing that? Maybe he really loved his girlfriend-"

She laughed, "His girlfriend, was an absolute bitch. She was such an irritating, vain, slutty, stupid, mean, cold-hearted bitch! You have no idea how long I wanted Luke-"

Luke? I'm guessing that's her friend.

"- To break up with her! She cheated on him, like, twice. She influenced him to smoke, drink, and dress differently. You have no idea how many times I wanted to ring her neck! But Luke being Luke, he was taken by her so called 'beauty' to realize what kind of a person she is! I mean, seriously? They've been dating for two years and he still didn't notice what sort of a person she is! Only yesterday he found out that she cheated on him--for the second time-- with a random guy in his class-"

"Sorry I took so long, the queue was insane! Here's your cheesecake."

Great timing Zack.

I take the cheesecake--thankfully he got it in a brown Starbucks bag-- and decided to save it for later.

Zack sat next to me, "And who might you be?"

I roll my eyes, "Her names Ashleigh-not-interested."

Zack ignores me and flirtatiously smirks at her, "Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you got fine written all over you."

Here we go.

She stares at him with absolute boredom written across her face... but knowing Zack for almost 24 hours, that clearly won't stop him.

"Y'know, I'm no photographer, but I can defiantly picture you and I together."

Oh geez...

She rolled her eyes, "Don't even try. I've heard it all before and I have a boyfriend."

I covered my mouth, holding back the laughter.

Now Zack's the one who looked bored. Ashleigh focused back on me, "Anyway, my friend goes to The University for the Creative Arts--otherwise known as UCA."

My eyes widened, "Is she single?"

Both Ashleigh and I furrowed our eyes to Zack, "Yes, he is single."

Zack shamefully sits back in his seat and sips on his drink.

Good boy!

"Wait, so he goes to UCA?" I asked.

She nods, taking a sip from her Cotten Candy Frappacino. "Yip. It's literally just a couple of blocks further up from here."

I stared at her, shock taking over my body.

No ways!

"I'm attending UCA today!"

Her eyes widened, "That's so cool! You can actually meet Luke!"

I suddenly felt a arm wrap around my waist, "Actually, we're attending UCA."


I shook his arm off, "No. You're going to that stupid engineering college while I go to UCA, just like we discussed on the plane."

Zack smirked, "That's what you think babe."


Huh, someone must've drugged his drink or something.

Ashleigh looked confused, "Anyway, there are some things you should know about UCA. Since Luke is in his second year, he could show you around campus."

Sounds inviting.

"Also, they place you into a specific class--depending on the subjects you choose. It's 'compulsory' that you choose 5 subjects to do, and since you're just starting, you'll be put into a class with a couple of people that's already in their second year."

Zack obviously got bored hearing her talk non-stop about UCA, so he sat back into his seat and carried on drinking his drink.

She paused for a moment, "Oh yes! You'll have to have at least a skill in one of your subjects, you'd be sharing a room with a guy in a year above you, the girls there are-"

Wait what?!

As if on cue, Zack spat his drink out, "Wait what?!"

Ashleigh's grey/blue eyes widened, "What?"

"Who am I sharing a room with exactly?"

"Yeah! who is she sharing a room with exactly?!"

I gave Zack a look, "Stay out of this."

I looked back at Ashleigh, "Who exactly am I going to share a room with?"

"Uh, well, UCA has a specific rule. That rule would be to share a room with the opposite gender.. for the girls; they have to share a room with a guy who's a year above. For the guys; they have to share a room with a girl a year below... it's how they get their creative juices flowing.."

You have got to be kidding me.

"Do we get to choose or what?"

She shook her head, "Nope. They pick from a bowl."

I scrunch my face up-

"Eww, don't pull that face."

I roll my eyes and slap Zack on his arm. "Hey look, there's a hot girl, go flirt with her."

Surprisingly he did.

I sighed, "So why a bowl?"

Ashleigh shrugged, "I'm not sure. But this year the guys' get to pick from the bowl."

I sunk back into my seat, "Great.."

Surprisingly she heard over my mumbling, "Oh c'mon, it's not that bad! I mean, you'll only be sharing a room with a random guy, who's older than you-- nothing bad."

I playfully glare at her, "You suck at making people feel better."

She laughs, "I'm working on it... sort of."

I finish off the last remaining bits of my drink, "So you're keen on meeting Luke, right?"

Mhmm, should I?

What the heck! My life's boring as it is, this could be exiting anyway.

I put the empty Starbucks cup back onto the table, "As crazy as this sounds, I am keen."

She smiles widely, "Seriously? That's fantastic! Let me just make a quick phone call!" She pulled out her phone and quickly left me alone at our booth.


I sipped from my Cotten Candy Frappacino that Ashleigh gave me-- I may have, uh, threw a tantrum because Zack wouldn't buy me another Starbucks drink...

I kick a small stone onto the road, "So how far is UCA exactly?"

Ashleigh took a bite from her doughnut, "Not that far-"


Both Ashleigh and I stopped in our tracks and turned around to see what happened.


I roll my eyes, "Really Zack?"

He continues to hop on one foot while clutching onto his 'injured' foot.

"What? It's not my fault that stupid pole was in the way!"

"Yeah, but it was your fault for not noticing it in the first place."

Ashleigh tugged on my wrist, "C'mon, let's get a move on."

I finished off my starbucks drink and tossed it in the passing bin. "So remind me what Luke said again?"

Immediately Zack hurried to my side with both of our luggages, "Yeah, what did he say?"

I gave him an irritated look-- his literally been like this all morning-- Ashleigh simply smiled big. "Well, for starters he yelled at me for medaling with his love life again, but Luke being Luke he was down for it."

Mhmm... Sure...

"Really?" I ask in disbelief, "He's actually down for it? Meeting an absolute stranger? Dammit Ashleigh! It sounds like a blind date!"

She chuckles, turning left--leading us into a posh looking neighborhood.

She points towards a massive looking building, "See that?"

I roll my eyes, "No. I defiantly don't have eyes so I can't see it."

Zack laughs while Ashleigh playfully slaps my arm, "I can tell you and Luke are gonna get along-- you both are sarcastic, immature, attractive people."

Sarcastic? Yes.

Immature? Sometimes.

Attractive? Not so sure.

She continues, "Anyway, that building, " she points again--this time I just nod--, "That is UCA."

My jaw--along with Zack's-- just drops.

It's. Fucking. Massive.

It's just, glass windows on the outside of the entire building! Along with a massive white sign saying, 'University for the Creative Arts.'

I turn to Ashleigh-- who already crossed the road-- "Are you serious?" I semi-yell.

It's 8:24 am... I wouldn't want to wake any of these people up, especially if they live in houses like these.

I quickly cross the road and meet up with her, "Luke just sent me a text. He's asking if we're there yet."

Is it weird that I literally just felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach?

She quickly typed away on her phone.

Gosh, we're literally getting closer and closer by the minute.

Only now I notice how cold it is here. I cling onto my sweater even more, keeping the only warmth I have with me.

Almost there, almost there.

My eyes focus on the huge, silver curved gates--which I'm guessing is where the cars enter.

I squint my eyes, "Guys, do you see someone there?"

Ashleigh immediately starts smiling, "Luke!" She yells, waving her hands continuously above her head.

I turn to Zack and gulp.

What have I agreed to?


A/n thanks for waiting so long for an update! It's just been busy for the couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy this chapter, I'll be posting an update soon:)

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