My roommate~ Harry Styles.

Harry smirked, pulling me firmly by my waist."Why can't you just admit you have feelings for me?"

"Oh, so you want me to lie now?"


2. Airport✈️

Mary-Anne's Point Of View~

"Mom, I'll miss you too now can you please let go of me. There are hot guys here and your embarrassing me." I say, slowly releasing her grip towards me.

She smiles and quickly wipes a tear away, "Aww look at you. All grown up and leaving for college. I just want to pinch your baby cheeks again."

I scrunch my face up, "Please don't."

My brother on the other hand, laughs at me. "No mom, don't listen to her. You won't be able to see her and her baby cheeks again, pinch them while they're still here."

I mouth 'Fuck you' to my younger brother and immediately get my cheeks pinched.


"Okay, okay. I think Mary-Anne had enough for one day." My step-dad, Richard grins and pulls my mom and her awful crabby hands away from me.

I rub my cheeks into a circular motion, trying to get rid of the stinging sensation. "Well, I will defiantly not miss that."

My family laughs.

I was dead serious.

I dropped my hands to my sides, "Well, I guess I should get goin-"

"Not so fast young lady!" My mom quickly calls.

I groan, "What now? I said goodbye! What more do you want from me? To miss my flight?"

"Oh trust me, we defiantly don't want that." Jackson smirks.

I give him the middle finger, "You didn't say goodbye to Richard and your brother."

I turn to Richard, "Goodbye." I then turn to my brother, "Goodbye."

"Not like that Mary-Anne. At least give your brother a hug." I stare at the little Middle Aged lady I call my mom in disgust.

"Are you being serious right now?"

My brother notices my discomfort and immediately his enjoying this, "Yeah sis. Come give your big 'ol brother a hug." He says smirking while holding his arms out.

I look from my mom to my brother.

"Over my dead body."

"That can be arranged sis."

I would run but I'll look like a retard.

"Fine." I grunt and enter my brothers buffy arms.

He tightens the hug, making it extremely hard for me to breath.

"I won't lie sis, I'll miss you. Though I'll mainly miss making your life miserable."

I roll my eyes, "I'll miss you too Jackson. Though I'll mainly miss seeing you fail in life."

After that comment he let's go of me and practically glares daggers at me, "Just shut up and leave."

My mom slaps his arm, "Jackson! Don't say that to your sister!"

He shrugs, "Well, it's the-"

"Just a reminder that the flight to England will leave in thirty minutes. Please make your way to the border and have a nice flight."

I mentally thank the intercom. I look at Richard, my mom and Jackson with a wide-eyed smile.

"Goodbye!" I quickly announce and before anyone of them could respond I grab my suitcase and speed-walk past random people and away from my family.

I look around hurriedly and find a queue, I walk towards it and stand behind a posh looking lady.

I tap her shoulder, "Um, excuse me miss. Is this the border for.." I quickly pull my ticket out from my leather jackets pocket, "A flight to England?"

The woman looks my outfit up and down longer than my mom pinching my cheeks.

Suddenly I feel self-conscious of my outfit.

I clear my throat awkwardly.

Her dark brown eyes land on my hazel ones, "No." She says flatly-- hearing a little bit of a British accent--then turns onto her heels and hands over her passport to the flight attendant.

I scoff, "Larny bitch."

The lady looks at me one more time before disappearing into the plane.

I take a step forward and hand my passport to the flight attendant.

I tap impatiently on her desk, scanning the plane I was about to go on. "This is the plane to England right?" I clarify. The lady just nods. She hands me back my passport and slowly I start to walk towards the double doors for the plane.


"Seat 234.. Seat 23- found it!" I cheer to myself, getting awkward and unusual stares from random people.

I ignore them and pick up my suitcase and place it up in the shelf above my seat.

I sigh and take my seat besides the window, "Window seat... Not bad."

Just as I buckled my seatbelt, I felt a presence besides me. "Hey, I'm Zack Bryce."

A very hot guy, and by hot I mean hot, holds his hand out-- probs waiting for me to do something with it.

I simply shook it, "I'm Mary-Anne Elizabeth Jones, it's nice to meet my seating buddy."

He smiled-- showing off dimples here and there and some crinkles by his eyes. "Yeah."

He buckled up his seatbelt, "So, how old are you-- if you don't mind me asking."

I avoid his brown eyes while tapping my fingers to a random beat on my arm rest, "I'm 19. You?"

"Wow, your so old! I'm, like, 18 years of age."

Is he being serious right now; Years of age? Who the fuck says that!

I roll my eyes and ignore him-- he may be really hot but so far his irritating me.

He took his blue beanie off and quickly ruffled up his brown hair.

"The flight to England will be taking off; please buckle up your seatbelt's for safe keeping."

The intercom--thankfully again-- interrupts our convo.

"So why are you going to England?" Zack asks.

I smile at him, "I'm going to be attending the UCA, and you?"

His eyes widen, "No way! I'm also attending a university! Well, technically I'm attending two; one university is a crappy one that my dad put me in, but I'm going to secretly attend your one." He says, cheekily smiling at me.

I scoff, "And how exactly are you going to pull that one off?"

He squints at me--weird. "I have my ways Mary-Anne."

This is gonna be some plane ride..


A/N sorry for the short chapter. I decided to create another book just for fun. Hope you enjoy and please, I'd like some feedback.

Peace out✌️xx

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